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Guide To Making Money Online With File Sharing Websites

After running this make money online blog,, I’ve been setting up some arrangements for the future development. But after seeing how much competition I have, I guess I’ve lost all of my enthusiasm and for now I just contribute to this weblog as much as I can (considering the fact that I’m usually pressed for time).

These several years, showed me what Internet business is all about. That’s why I’m still testing all work from home opportunities on the net (preferably low cost or free ones).

Telling the truth, when I created this resource, making money with file sharing wasn’t yet invented (or I just didn’t know about this work from home opportunities). I never thought that this method can earn you a lot of cash, unless you can create and drive traffic to a huge warez or dirty-movies website.

Make Money With Your Files

But I did change my overall impression about getting paid for uploads, when launched and raised the stakes to 15 bucks per 1000 downloads. And now, when I did some research on this work from home niche (actually it’s one of the most popular ways to generate extra cash in European countries, that’s where I live at the moment, but I never paid a lot of attention to it, as I’ve already stated), I can clearly tell – there are a lot of money to be made with your free websites.

I think, I’ve already reviewed the methods of earning with and in my previous posts, so this guide will cover some things about the actual earning process. Just let’s get started:

What are file sharing websites and how do they afford to pay users?

This is one of the most common questions my friends asked me about earning cash with uploading. Paid file hosting companies like (so far the most profitable program for me) pay users just like you and me to use their free file hosting.

We host our files on their servers for free and promote our download links (in order to make money with our files), free file hosting owners place an insane amount of advertising blocks (which generates them a lot of cash, part of which is paid to us). But it’s not the largest income stream there is with file hosting – for faster downloads, they offer our visitors (the ones who come to download files) premium memberships.

These memberships cost about 50-100$ for a year, and if your download link visitors buy that, you get a cut too.  Just don’t think these are scam, free file hosting service is a profitable business, I must say, so administrators know what they are doing (no wonder there are more and more file sharing companies being created). All in all, they can pay users good money and still earn make enough cash to pay off hosting management bills.

Usually, such programs pay users 5-15 dollars per 1000 downloads (prices depends on the country, file is being downloaded from). Such payment adds up to one penny per download, but I’m 100% sure that pop-under advertising generates minimum five times this amount (it’s not always a scam, but you can’t trust everyone on the net, so just be careful and feel free to ask for an advice).

As soon as you find the right website, which is paying users for uploads, you should think if you want to earn money uploading files yourself or promote your referral link to receive good affiliate commissions for that.

If you do decide to share files yourself, pick the niche you want to work in (it’s very important, because you got to understand what your potential down loaders may want or need – warez and p0rn stuff really attracts a lot of visitors to your link, but I like to play it safe). When I tested this method I tried to make money sharing free blogger templates.

Approaching my goal, I created several packs of  “Top 40 or whatever themes for”, made a free, but nice looking blog and started posting my packs. Several days later, I found some forums and websites, that may be interested in my newly created website with links to file hosting websites, that pay for uploads.

Leaving comments and posting new threads did take some time, but all in all I’ve made some good money in my first days of work. After several weeks of posting comment and forum replies (was taking me 20 minutes a day), I ended up quitting this thing to check out how much money I made:

Google Adsense – $16.20 – $14.39 – $5.07 – $0.07

Total: $35+

Posting on forums and Web 2.0 websites did give some benefits and people were hitting my website like crazy (it was smart of me to add Google Adsense advertising below the download links – users just checked out ads, while looking for download links).

As you see, all theme packs where downloaded to three file hosting services, and I really found out that one of them sucks big time. But anyways, other two, did pretty well I must say.

In my future posts I will try to give you more information about this method of earning money in your spare time. I did this just for fun, and these 35+ bucks didn’t hurt my online earnings. But I’m telling this, so you can understand that this is scalable and you can start without website, as well as with free or paid blog.

For me, earning money online, is really a lot of fun, and the real reason for this is – I don’t rely on my earnings, and don’t recommend to set yourself some plans for your online earnings (because when you have a lot to take care of, you miss the fun part, just remember that you don’t have to do everything yourself – outsource). Good luck, and stay tuned for my future posts about making money with file hosting services (and not just file hosting, I will make sure you get busy trying out new methods, so I don’t get bored without discussion).

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