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Again I have a pretty awesome way of making money online for free to share with you. Dozens of my posts have been dedicated to this earning technique and I have to confess that I like to earn money online by sharing files. This work from home opportunity will make a good income stream for anyone, but only with the right approach.

There are two big problem, which all people, who want to make money online with paid to upload sites, face: first of all, they don’t know which files it is better to share and second of all, they fail in promoting their download links.


How to make money with paid to upload?

I want to quickly give several recommendations for such users. If you don’t know which files to upload and promote – try to find something you are an expect it. It is pretty foolish to promote computer software links, if you don’t know a thing about technology. - get paid to upload files

Personally, I enjoy testing wordpress themes and plugins, so with paid to upload sites I earn money by sharing freebies such as themes and plugins for wordpress and blogger.

One more question is to be answered today – where to promote paid to upload site links? Try to find niche forums – these work pretty well. I have lots of luck with blogs and social networks, I review my files on my blogs and promote them on sites like Facebook and Twitter. These posts gain a lot of traffic and generate some downloads.

I have provided tons on information about paid to upload sites, so you probably know which of them have higher rates, but right now let me show you my first success with (this is a good site for any paid to upload user). payment proof

Make money online for free by uploading files
Now some things about At first I was skeptical about this site, but only till I got paid once and then again. I didn’t spend a lot of time using this site, but I earned some money (that is why I will be using it more and more to make money by sharing files). This is just a post update, I will only share my payment proof and some links to my previous posts, which describe how to make good money online with HotFile.

Host Your Files For Free With And Make Money Over The Internet

How To Become Platinum Member at and Earn Money by Sharing Media?

Thanks for reading my post. I hope I didn’t bore you out today and you got some motivation after seeing my payment proofs from As you can see, it is possible to earn money by sharing files and your earnings depend only on you and your approaches to making money in such a way. Thanks for reading, please leave your comments and subscribe, if you want to receive my future posts about making money from home.


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