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How to Answer Questions for Money with

The concept of making money on the Internet has changed a lot over the past years. More and more people want to earn cash for free, here I don’t mean that you have to pay money for the opportunity to start earning cash, but now there is a tendency to start making money online with no investment at all.

I have to admit that working from home for free is possible. Various revenue sharing websites make it possible, these days you can make money by writing content, sharing reviews and even answer questions for money.

This way of making money online for free attracts more and more people and its no wonder, would you mind getting money for sharing your thoughts, ideas and knowledge? Personally speaking, I find this a great way of earning cash, while having fun.

Get paid to answer questions at

Being a website owner I constantly look for additional ways to promote my websites and generate higher amounts of traffic. I do consider question and answer websites great tools for both website promotion and site awareness boost, that’s why I was very glad to have found - make money online for free is not just a question – answer website, here members can both get answers to their questions from real people and help other by answering questions (and get bonus points, which could be redeemed for real PayPal cash). In my previous posts I have told that you earn good money online by answering questions, but unfortunately, this statement does not fully apply to

The main advantages of this paid to answer website are: it is a great tool for website promotion (by answering questions and linking to relevant websites, you can generate a good amount of targeted traffic), additionally users are capable of exchanging points for money. Every 100 points will give you $0.75.

Unfortunately, you have to earn at least 10000 points in order to get paid by PayPal. This amount of points will be hard to gain, but still it is possible. I think that this is the major downside of this “paid to answer” website. All in all, is a good alternative for people, who make money by answering questions, it can be a good source for human wisdom and answers from real people. Even thought it is almost impossible to get rich quick answering questions for money at Askpedia, still it can be a good alternative to such sites as Mahalo and HelpOwl.

Thanks for reading, I do hope that you found this post about making money on-line for free helpful. I will be doing my best to review the most interesting work from home opportunities, so subscribe to IncomeBooster and receive the latest posts to your email for free.


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