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How to Build a Hub and Earn Money Online Writing

According to my recent research, more people tend not to invest money in work from home area of Internet business. People become smarter after various scams and fraudulent websites, which try to sell your personal data.

One of the easiest ways of making money online for free with no upstart fees is free article writing and blogging. I consider Hubpages as a small blog category, because you can start as many hubs as you can and keep the ability to update it whenever you want.

The popularity of this website makes it easy to promote your hubs, which get ranked for highly competitive keywords in If you are a blogger, you can earn the both ways:

  1. Write your blog and make money selling sponsored reviews and links.
  2. Rewrite your blog posts and upload them to
  3. Use the traffic generated by Hub users for your website or blog.

But the question remains, can you really make money with Hubpages, and how much can you make?

How to earn more writing on

Ok, we all want to make some cash on the Internet writing, and I’m 100% sure that you have heard a lot of myths about Hub Pages.

earn with hubpages

I’ve already told you that you can create as many hubs as you can or want, just submit unique content and you are ready to go. But some people ask a question like this:

“Do I earn more money if I have more hubs?”

In order to succeed with this fine get paid to write website you don’t really have to create a lot of pages (hubs). If you are treating HubPages as a good earner, you’d better write an informative hub, do some keyword research and submit your web page to some Web 2.0 projects.

According to my experience, it’s better to have 1 well written and SEO optimized hub, then 50 low quality ones that don’t even have traffic. But traffic is not the key to earning money, don’t just need traffic you need interested, targeted visitors.

When you try to earn money with your hubs or promote your existing websites with this site, you should rely on SEO, but not fast generated traffic from forums and social bookmarking or other Web 2.0 websites.

If the reader is targeted and interested in the topic, he or she is more likely to click your ads or generate a lead. Unlike in pod casts and freebie websites, where you get paid to upload files, here you must bring quality, well written material first.

Don’t try to get some low quality, spam traffic generated by Black Hat or Grayhat SEO methods (because of Google Adsense TOS (low quality traffic may lead to account termination).

“Can I earn more money if I have more ads?

Another commonly asked question, because newbies think that if they place more ads, they will earn more cash from their websites. Readers hate a lot of ads on any website, so it’s better to find the right position for your ads. Place ads near the content, so readers can easily browse them.

“How to write best content for more money?”

First of all you need to find a niche. If you really want to make a lot of money, you should pick non competitive niches and keywords. Keyword researches can be carried out with KeyWordTracker tool and Google Adwords tools.

All in all, everything depends on your link building strategies and your approach. If you want earn money with your blog or current website, create as many hubs as you can, do some promotion and link them to your current blog. In such case you’ll get good backlinks from your Hubs to your blogs.

But you have another way to go, if you don’t feel like running a blog or a sales page, just go for HubPages websites and SEO optimize them well. Remember that backlinks are the key to earning with


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