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How to Earn with Music – Sell Beats for Money at

How many free ways to make money on the Internet do you know? I am pretty sure that you know about the phenomenon of earning cash with the help of computers and online connection, but really, how many work from home techniques can you enumerate?

I am asking you, because is a free make money online blog, where you will surely find the best information and reviews of the leading sites, which could be used for generating money on the web for free. I have already created over four hundred posts, which could be accessed for free, such niches as paid forum posting, free paid surveys, incentive websites, paid to blog services and even projects, where users get paid to listen to music have been included and reviewed.

As far as I have mentioned making money with the help of music, I would like to review another website, which deals with this make money on-line technique.

How to make money with music?

It should be noted that there are several ways of earning cash with music with the help of Internet. You can either rate music for money (by using such sites as or promote songs, generate leads and get money for it.

Today lets review the second option and talk about Promote Beats is a free website, which allows to generate Internet revenue by promoting beats (music tracks). Your earnings fully depend of your promotional skills. pays money for promoting music files

If you are interested in making money with music in such a way, you can create your free PromoteBeats store and start selling beats in the blink of an eye. Upon registration, you will be able to either create your music store and receive money for all music purchases generated from it or create your own customized player, which could be placed almost on any web-page. offers to make money with music

Affiliates get money for every purchased beat and get paid via Paypal. It is great that you will also be able to fully customize your store and arrange all the beats to your liking.

To sum everything up and let you start to make money by selling music online I will talk for a little while about figures and percentages. Users get from 25% to 75% from the price of the beat, they can track all sold items and are able to receive the cash-out after reaching $20 in revenues.

Thanks for reading my blog post. I consider such work from home opportunity exceptionally exciting, but I would like to get some of your comments regarding this opportunity – getting paid for selling music.

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