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How to Earn Money by Uploading Files and Videos – Review

I am constantly looking for new and creative ways to make money online for free. This blog has been created a long time ago and is fully based on Internet earning experience and as I have already told you, here I enclose only free work from home and make money online guides.

To tell the truth, in order to keep this “get paid to” blog updated, I go thought various websites, discussion forums and press release agencies and look for new websites, where we can earn money from home. Usually all work from home techniques do work out for me, but some of them don’t, so I put them into my scam zone.

I have already told you that I use various make money online forums, to tell the truth, they are pretty useful, because I get to talk with people, who actually make money with their Internet connections. From time to time they ask me questions too, and recently I was asked “How to earn money by uploading files?” a lot of times, so today I want to clarify everything by posting my review of

I constantly write about making money with paid to upload websites, it is one of my favorite ways of generating cash from home and some people commented on my IncomeBooster posts and recommended to try Well, with 4fastfile we get paid for uploading all possible data files (images, photos, achieves, videos, software, ect). Like with any other paid to upload sites users here get a flat pay per download fee – $2-$25 for every 1000 file downloads (it is pretty sad that prices depend on special user ranks, this option has been implemented to most of sites of this type, even to, which is my favorite service for earning money by uploading).

Earn money by sharing and uploading Files at

Get paid to upload files at

At free members are allowed to upload and share files, which are not larger than 500MB (premiums can upload data files, which are up to 2GB of size), but you also have to remember that you will receive money only for downloads of files, which are larger than 5MB.

So, making money by uploading files with shouldn’t be that hard at all, if you know which files to share and where to promote your download links. The minimum cash-out limit on the website of this paid to upload website is set at 15$ (which is equal to several thousand file downloads) and payments are completed every Friday (automatically by PayPal).

I have already mentioned that uploading files online for cash is one of my favorite ways of making money from home, so I will definitely try out this one. In addition, they have a good referral program, if you will start inviting your friends to 4fastfile you will receive 25% of the money they will earn.

Anyways, thanks for reading my blog post about making money from home by sharing and uploading files at If you want to know more about paid to upload sites, check out my category, where such services are being reviewed or subscribe to my free newsletter, it is totally free and can give you some good information benefits.

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