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How to Find the Best Hosting Company for your Make Money Online Project?

It’s been a long time since I posted new posts to my Internet guide called “Easy ways to make money with referrals”. As far as I remember, I have covered the basics of setting up a free Internet website, but I think it is not enough, especially for those, who are looking for ways to look professional.

Internet users tend to trust professional websites, but what could make your Internet website look clean and professional:

  • Good content and layout (you need to look fresh and clean)
  • The number of advertising and placing
  • Your domain name (whether it’s a free or paid extension)
  • website hosting – loading time is extremely important

So today, I will try to prove you how important the website hosting quality is and how it could influence not just your Internet blog about making money online but also your potential Internet business.

So let me just explain the situation to you and give you some examples. Nowadays we can see that there are more and more free websites, especially about making cash on the Internet. If you head over to Yahoo Answers or any other forum which deals with the ways of making money on the Internet. After doing my little research I found out that most of the websites and blog down there are hosted on free blog platforms (, and and sophisticated Internet users tend not to trust to these free web pages anymore (no matter how quality the content is).

web hosting

I did remember one reply from a member (I don’t really remember where I have read it), but the point of the message looked just like this “Yes, you are telling other users how to make money on the Internet, but why should I trust you. Your message says that you are making thousands of dollars a month, so how come can’t you afford a web site hosting”.

The deal is that with such rapid Internet development, many people already know that you are sent up a free blog in seconds, and even more users know that having your own Internet site on paid and quality hosting is not that pricey right now.

So I guess, the more professional you look, the more money you can make in your spare time by writing sponsored posts, inviting referrals or selling banner space on your weblog. And that is why I will give you some tips on how to find the best hosting solution for your newly created Internet blog website (which I think will be about making money on the Internet).

Linux or Windows

I. Value for money Internet hosting

When you are looking for a hosting company, which should suit your needs – price is not the right factor to choose from. Some people are trying to save money on the sever bill (but most of the time it could reflect on your business, high percentage of downtime will only hard your readers).

We are looking forward to making money with our new websites and don’t really want to spend too much money on blog webhosting, so we are actually looking for value for money. Another mistake that newbies tend to make – the more money they ask for hosting, the best it is. I agree that you should rely on the hosting team, but don’t let them to rip you off, so you need to have a clue about what you are ordering.

II. Internet hosting functionality for your blog

Extra functions and addons usually cost you extra money, but some companies add many of them into the “standard package”. So what do you need to run your blog successfully? I am not going to get detailed about everything (all the functions), but I will just supply you the list of hosting related stuff you should think about:

  • amount of disk space allowed
  • total bandwidth capacity
  • number of addon/parked domains
  • shared/dedicated IP address
  • special fees and regulations
  • web hosting control panel
  • available scripts (Fantastico, Ruby on rails)
  • online support, phone support and Internet chat

So these are the features you should actually aim for if you are going to start your own make money online Internet portal. I will go one by one explaining you what these are all about – currently more and more companies allow you the unlimited disk storage and bandwidth (but there is no such thing as unlimited, you will just have enough space, which is good). I am sure that you won’t stop at the point, where you have only one website or blog, so you’d better find a hosting company, which has the option “amount of addon domains” at “unlimited”. That would save you a lot of money in the future.

As for the webhosting panel, you should go for Cpanel, which is easy to operate even for a newbie. And Fantastico addon script would really help you out, because you can install almost any well known CMS (content management system with it). That is everything I can write about from the top of my head, but I am pretty sure that there will be another version of my “guide for deciding on the hosting company for a make money online blog“.

III. Customer feedback and reviews

Finally when you have made up a list of hosting companies which could suit you money wise, check out the hosting reviews (feedback written by current users) and compare the best ones. When your list of narrowed only to the best ones, contact the customer support (on use the online support system) and ask various newbie questions, if they can handle it, you are ready to go. Most of the time they will help you setting up free scripts and will answer most of your questions.

All in all, this is just another long-long post by me, but I think that it will somehow help you getting started with your Internet business. It took me a year to get to the point where I am now, but I didn’t have anyone to explain me everything, so I guess you are just being lucky…

PS: Don’t forget my newly updated post called “earning cash by uploading files on the net“, is running a new promotion, and earning money by uploading fles has never been easier.

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