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How to Get Paid for Selling Photos with

Right now I was looking for more information on how to make money with photography and eventually I found yet another website, where people could earn money by selling their stock photography. This post will be for people, who want to earn money with the help of their photography skills. In my previous posts I have already given some tips on how to start making money in photography, so this post will hopefully make a great addition to my list of sites, which give money for selling your stock photography online.

This way of making money is not accessible for anyone, because you need to have a camera and some photographing skills, but this will be a perfect match for those, who want to monetize their skills and maybe start finally making money with the help of their hobbies.

How to earn by selling stock photography at offers you a chance to sell your photos as stock photography. They claim to have relationships with various marketing and advertising agencies, which will surely help you sell your photos and get money for them. Their website has a detailed information about all the connections of PhotoStockPlus, so if you are interested, check the page for advertisers. - get paid to sell photos

At first I thought that was free for photographers, but as far as I have understood, you need to sign up for a trial in order to start selling your photos with this micro-stock agency. This sounds weird to me, because not that many people will want to pay money in order to earn money by selling photos online. I guess it would be great for you to check out free ways to earn money with photos, if you don’t feel like trying this trial from allows you to create your own photo store and receive 85% of the money generated by this site. I did a lot of research regarding this site and I have not found any negative feedback so far. This looks like a great agency, but I don’t think that their approach is right – it is not fair to ask photographers to sign up for a trial in order to make money (please correct me if I misunderstood something).

Thanks for reading this short post, I am pretty new to the concept of earning money with photography online, I would much appreciate some comments from people, who work in this niche and earn good money with photography.

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