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[Expired] How to Make Easy Money Online by Submitting News to

I have been running this website about earning money from home for a long time already (I guess it has been three years now) and I just love the process of testing new and new ways of earning cash from home. It goes without saying, I have to do a lot of work to bring quality information to you, but I think it is worth all the efforts.

Throughout my blogging career I have seen so many make money online websites, so I can’t even tell you which one is the best money maker or what is the funnest way to spend time online and earn at the same time. I think that uploading files for money is a lot of fun and it is something, what can give you good revenue, if you start thinking seriously about sharing files online.

Not that long ago I have found a website, which has another pretty cool concept of Internet money-making – getting paid for submitting news and bookmarking websites. We all know that web2.0 stuff is really popular nowadays, and there are various websites, which let us publish content. But have you heard of a social bookmarking website, which shares the revenue with its users?

If you haven’t seen something like this before, let me tell you about I am pretty sure you have used social bookmarking websites before – to promote your website or to spread the word about some news of yours. But is a social bookmarking website with a twist – they let you do everything that other websites of this kind do (submit interesting stories, spread the word about upcoming events, publish articles), but in addition they will give you 80% of the Google Adsense revenue.

Earn money with social bookmarking websites

I see that this website has many pages indexed in major search engines, so this means they are getting pretty nice traffic on daily basis. Also Infopirate is said to be well SEO optimized, which makes your earning potential even higher.

To start working with this paid social bookmarking website you just have to fill in the registration form, update your account information with your Google Adsense publisher ID number and start working (for those, who are not familiar with Google Adsense earning process, please refer to this post).

Later on I will be writing about other cool ways of making money from home, but for now you can also check out, which will pay you to complete offers and fill in surveys. This website accepts members from any country of the world, which makes it even easier to recruit referrals and complete offers for money yourself.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe to my news feed by submitting your email above. Also you can email me, if you have any questions regarding making money over the Internet.

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