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How to Make Easy Money over the Internet by Uploading Files to

Today we see very interesting and attracting make money online offers. Every day I got through a bunch of emails from people, who personally own the websites and give us a chance of earning money online and want me to write about their services.

Not that long ago I have been blogging about websites, which give you a chance to make money with your Twitter account. Personally I just love the idea of making money with Internet blogs and was actually stunned to find out that placing sponsored ads on your Twitter microblog is possible.

Well, but today I would like to write about another way of getting paid for your downloads. Income from file sharing websites is one of my main income steams, because I have spent a good deal of time figuring out how to find the most interesting and attractive files to share. In several weeks I have built a nice list of websites to share my links at and now I have a stable income online by using get paid to upload websites like or (those who are not familiar with this websites, I recommend you to find out how to earn money with


Several days I have stumbled upon another great site, which will host your media files for free and in additon will pay you, as a registered user, to promote your download links and make people to download your files (to tell the truth, if you really share quality and rare files your will have no problems getting tons of downloads and cash, of course).

Register at and get paid to share files

Get Paid to Share Your Media Files

With Filefactory any Internet user, after completing short registration process, can earn money over the Internet by sharing popular media files. In my previous posts I have been writing what files you can share, so checking out my post “Earning money with file sharing website explained” wont hurt you, because I have included some of my tips there (it will be especially useful for newbies).

According to FileFactory’s website, this is one of the highest paying affiliate program which deals with filesharing and I am about to find out whether it is so. As any modern get paid to upload website, FileFactory has a member incentive, which means that you can receive from 2$ and up to 15$ for every 1000 file downloads.

How earnings depend on the file-size at

Ways To Earn Money By Sharing Files Using

In this table you can see how your earnings depend on your user status and the size of the file you have uploaded and would like to share. I don’t want to get detailed on the process of getting uploads for, but today I just wish to give you the information about rules of partnering up with File Factory.

You can see that your earnings by sharing files very much depend on your work, and later on I will tell you some tips of getting more file downloads (if you still haven’t read the tips I have provided in my previous posts, which were put in the separate category entitled “Make Money By Uploading And Sharing Files“).

The list of the supported downloader’s countries could be found on FileFactory website (it is pretty huge, so I don’t want to copy the whole info box), but speaking of payments, you have several methods of cashing out money from File Factory. As soon as your balance goes over $20, you will get a chance of requesting a payout to PayPal, Moneybookers or convert the money you have earned towards an Amazon gift voucher. Payments are made once a month and you will have to hurry up to make your request before the fifteenth day of the month.

I hope that I haven’t missed some useful facts, which are somehow connected with earning money by sharing files at File Factory. It goes without saying, that you can refer your friends to this free file hosting service and get a 20% referral commission, so if you hurry up, you may end up setting up a great automated income system.

Thanks for reading my another post about earning money with file sharing websites, and I think you will be interested in checking out other sites, which give you a chance of uploading and sharing files for free. For example, pays up to 20$ per 1000 file downloads, which sounds like a very good deal.


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