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[Expired] How to Make Even More Money Online With Social Network

I am really into making money online, especially now, when I have thousands of people reading my blog about earning easy cash from home. Every day I get comments and questions from people to my email. I think that working from home is one of the best things Internet can currently offer, and I am doing my best to pass the top quality information on get paid to websites here in my blog,

Almost every day I create new blog entries, but sometimes I like to update the previous posts or give you some news about websites, which have been reviewed a while ago (like that time when I have written several news post about and the last is latest prize list from


As far as is like a paid social network, I have decided to give you more tips about earning money in your spare time with (which is a unique paid social network – and you can read my previous post about this website by following this link).

Assuming that you have read the post, I would tell that earning cash with Gather is pretty straight forward, because you get paid for something you already do (which sounds very appealing) and now I will just provide some tips for improving your online earning with Gather.

Just to remind you – is a big paid social network, which is carried out like a huge knowledge sharing community, where you can register, find out new stuff, share your news or knowledge and get paid for this (on daily basis you will be earning points on Gather website, these points could be converted in various prizes, including cash and gift cards, well you could find out more by reading the review – link has been already provided).

If you have something you want to learn or you like discussing various news and informative topics, will reward you with special points, but could you get more points? Yes, you can – here are some tips for earning more money with


Gather Tip #1 – Share Popular News and Content

Everyone on Gather can share the information and the more readers your posts and threads get – the more points you will possibly get from Gather. Here you can share views on the latest news of the day, your favorite family recipes, or answer the questions you are possibly good at.

But how can you submission become popular on Gather? Here are some ways of getting visitors to your Gather articles:

  • is considered to be a pretty good news agency and all the articles submitted to this website get picked by very popular news aggregators (such as Google News). Most of the time you have the chance to appear in the news in such categories – Sports, Politics, Food, Health, Entertainment, and Celebrities.
  • These categories will help your submission to appear in top search results in the most popular search engines (just like Google or Yahoo). Just to give you some related links, I will remind you that you can earn money by using sponsored search engines, it’s a pretty unique and fun way of earning money from home (and I have been paid by many sites of this type).
  • Many people on Gather are trying to make the top dollar writing articles or retelling the latest news. As for me, you can generate a bigger amount of points by promoting your content on the external websites or all possible Web2.0 projects (Twitter, FaceBook,

Get Paid To Try and Review Your Favorite Products at

I know that many of you are using get paid to websites (for example you can earn money by completing surveys at, where you receive money for signing up for various offers and promotions. So Gather paid social network offers this too and you can sample various products, enter contests and sweepstakes or just receive points for being active on the site.

Another interesting thing is called Friday Freebie – you can enter this giveaway every week with a chance of receiving special products and freebies.

Take a Poll or Survey @ and Earn Money

If you check out the Gather Giveaways group, you will eventually find the list of things you can do online to earn points at Gather, the points you can redeem for special prizes in the future (you can write niche articles, join discussions and get paid for other things you already do).

Earning money with is made fun, there are tons of opportunities and I think you shouldn’t miss out such an opportunity, if you know how to write and have the time to spend on this website. Thanks for your attention and I hope that you will find making money with filesharing interesting, because this is one of the hottest ways of making money from home at the moment.


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