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How to Make Good Money Answering Questions at

Well, I have just reminded myself the idea I have had several month ago, I knew that there was something really easy (I mean the way of earning cash on the Internet) that I wanted to share with my readers. Previously I have been writing about the ways of getting free traffic from Y! Answers. The described technique is pretty strait forward, but I think that simplicity is the power in this case, so Yahoo Answers do their job – they drive free traffic to my website (not only my work from home blog, but also other projects I am running at the moment).

As far is this blog is called – “Free ways to make money online and work from home”, so I assume that neither of you have large websites (maybe you do, but this will work for anyone), and you are looking not just for fast cash, but for a stable income opportunity.

On the Internet you can always make money of free and quality information, because well written content attracts good amounts of traffic, in the same time, traffic is always equal to sales and money. So if you can get targeted traffic from, why don’t you offer your answering service on your freelance portfolio or various webmaster forums, blogs or social networks.

As usual I have done some research and found out that you can offer several services connected with this free services.

Literary you can make money by:

  • Promoting other member’s answers or voting for these submissions
  • You can answer questions and charge your clients for every unique answers
  • Answer the questions yourself and make money online only from the “Best Answers”

All of these services will be handy for any Internet users, but first of all you need to find out what Yahoo Answers is all about.

Making money with Yahoo Answers

So I will create a series of posts connected with this website (or even an income opportunity). So any of these variants are possible if you have:

  • pretty good Yahoo Answers “Best answer” percentage (above 50%)
  • over 5000 points in your account
  • several accounts you can work with
  • pretty good writing skills and the ability to communicate with the actual users on this website

After the research I came up with some statistics – you can earn 10-20 cents for voting for other member’s answer (it is not widely promoted on the web, so I guess people are just being afraid, only when earning with, just basic answers with relevant links and unique content will bring you about $0.3-$0.5 per every submission, and at last, best answers will bring you $0.5-$1.5 for every “Best Answer” with the link.

As for me, this is a one of a kind freelance opportunity I have totally forgot to write about. Personally I am getting a good amount of traffic from this website, and I think that I would share my techniques with you in my future posts. I may even end up doing this jobs myself, just to prove that this is legal and sure working. Other than that, my favorite Internet earning opportunity is the get paid to upload website called, which brings me good money just for sharing my personal files on the Internet.

I really hope that my posts spark up your make money online ideas and you are actually starting to get what Internet money making is all about. Thanks for your attention and don’t forget to subscribe to my news feed.


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