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How to Make Money by Sharing Documents and Music at

File sharing is a vital part of my daily life on the Internet. I have lot of friends, mates and blog readers, who like asking me to share some files of mine. On the web I share such files as: documents, ebooks, software, freebies, scripts and web design tools.

Now when I know about “get paid to upload” sites (by the way, I am putting up a list of best opportunities to earn money with file sharing) I try to convert my file sharing needs into a free income stream. I use several sites to make money by sharing files but recently I found, so I decided to check it out and say a few words about this service.

Ways to work online with is one of the newest file sharing websites. I am pretty amazed at the number of “get paid to upload” websites, which were launched this year. This is both exciting and frustrating to me because many of these sites just come and leave, which causes honest money-makers to quit Internet business. - easy way to make money online

By using you can make money by uploading your files and receive money for every download (pay per download rates are $0.25-$10). I am not affiliated with this site and don’t promote it in order to get referrals, I am not even sure if they pay – I am just trying to provide my critical review of this site and hopefully find some people, who have been paid by

Apart from uploading files for money, offers us an opportunity to make money by referring new members (10% referral commission). The minimum withdrawal limit is 10 dollars and I think you could get paid via PayPal.

Unfortunately, owners did not provide enough information for the earners. Get paid to upload business is a tough one, so uploaders would rather choose a popular project over

In the rest of this article I would like to list several things, which could help become a better “get paid to” opportunity (right now it looks like a cheap alternative). Administrators, please work more on the FAQ section and provide detailed description of all offers for earners. A support forum and an instant chat box with the administrator will attract more members to this site.

So while we are waiting for to become a better site for earning money by sharing files, please check out other sections of my blog and don’t forget to leave your questions or comments below. Thanks for reading and hope to see you back soon.

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