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How to Make Money by Writing Blog Posts – Review

So far I have written hundreds of articles about making money online for free and usually I receive a lot of comments and questions from my readers. Usually I describe free ways of making money online and review totally free earning opportunities, even those, which don’t require you to have a website.

But today I would like to review one money-making opportunity for people, who have a blog and would like to make money with it. In case you do not have your website yet but would really like to learn how to earn cash for free – check out get paid to upload opps, which were already reviewed on

How to make money with

InPostLinks is a good way to earn money by placing relevant links in your blog posts. Basically it is a marketplace for webmasters and advertisers, where in post links are being sold for money. To show you how the whole system works, let me give you an example – assuming I am willing to earn money with my make money online blog and I have tons of posts within this niche. - earn money with a blog

On the other end of the system there are advertisers, who want to get links to their sites (preferably they want to promote their work from home related product). So for placing links to their sites I can get paid. Everything is pretty simple, I am just terrible in explaining stuff.

Here are the steps for earing money with

  1. Submit your blog for a review – in order to start working with this system, you need to share your blog url, so InPostLinks team can check it out and see whether it can participate in their system.
  2. Look through available advertising opportunities – if your blog is approved, you will be granted the access to their “paid opportunities” page, where you will be able to bid on items and start adding links to your blog posts
  3. Receive money for your work – after adding links to your blog posts, you will have to wait 30 days before money will be credited to your account.

As for me, is very similar to GetGoodLinks, which is yet another good way for making money with contextual links (post links), if you would like to test this service too, please check out my GetGoodLinks review.

I do hope that this work from home opportunity will match your needs and you will make good money by blogging. Even though I have heard that offers lower prices per link, but you can try post InPostLinks and GetGoodLinks and see which one works better for you. Thanks for reading, feel free to leave your comments and ideas.


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