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How to Make Money Online by Selling Products from

Most of the time I have written about jobs, which are to be completed purely virtually: writing articles, completing surveys and offers, running blogs and creating websites but I have totally forgot that millions of people are making money by selling products online – Ebay is one of the most popular work from home systems right now.

Today I would like to review one Internet store, which could be used for making money online (it doesn’t matter where you’d be selling the products, on ebay or any other online store).

How to earn money with

DealExtreme is a popular Internet store, which is located in China. I have read a lot about this store and hundreds of users say that they produce pretty decent products, which are easily sold in online stores and on Ebay.
The main advantage of store is that they sell items at incredibly low prices and even offer free shipping on some items. There are two main ways of earning money with DealExtreme: you can either sell your items by using drop shipping or keep stock items and then sell them. - free way to make money online

Drop shipping is a phenomenon, which has somehow changed Ebay market. A lot of people have started to offer it and as far as I have understood the concept – sellers create auctions, wait till they end and then place an order at DealExtreme and ask the store to send items to the winner of their auction.

This technique has some disadvantages and if you want to make money online with DealExtreme, please consider them: with drop shipping there is no way to check if the products are defected, you never see what you are actually selling and unless you want to pay extra fees, the delivery takes a lot of time, which could ruin your reputation.

Keeping stock items (ordering items and storing them before sale) is a better option of the buyers but not always for you. You will have to invest some money for buying these products, take care about storage place, pay extra fees to get them shipped to you (and then ship them to buyers) and finally there is no guarantee that people will buy these items from you.

Making money by selling products requires good management skills and experience but it’s an awesome deal for people, who want to start their own home business. In case you don’t want to resell the items, become an affiliate at DealExtreme, promote their products and get money whenever someone buys items in DealExtreme store. Some people turn this method into a home-based business, personally I have turned freelance article writing into a business and my articles generate most of my revenue.

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this review and will have a lot of luck in making money online by selling items on Ebay and other Internet stores.

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