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How To Make Quick Money For Free By Answering Questions at

Whenever I start writing about some free way of making money, I try to extend this topic over several blog posts, this is a great way to give my readers enough time to reconsider everything and try work from home techniques, which I review here.

My make money online blog is not very popular, but I do want to attract as many readers as possible, because my main goal is to find out which online earning opportunities work and which don’t. So right now, earning money by answering questions is under investigation and I am trying to figure out how easy it is to earn money with the help of our knowledge and skills.


Earn free money answering surveys and questions

If you don’t know which websites to visit and you would really like to make money by sharing your personal thoughts and ideas, then this post may be right for you. Your brains and knowledge are worth a lot, so why don’t you try to get paid to answer questions online. For this occasion, I have found one awesome Q&A website, it is called is created for those, who want to get live human advice within numerous topics, starting from operating systems and ending with Internet applications. In order to boost the website participation, the owners of pay their members to answer these questions.

AT people make money for answering questions

Everything is pretty simple, you register at Quomon, the registration is completely free, fill out your user profile (make sure to fill in your Google Adsense pub id) and start browsing available questions.

By answering questions, you will be getting an opportunity of earning money form answers. Quomon has google adsense revenue sharing turned on, this means your ads will be placed on the pages, where your answers are selected as best.

How to earn with expert advice at

So, the number of available questions is growing like crazy, so if you are a knowledgeable in the field of computer and Internet technology, start using Quomon and you will see how to make money by answering questions. The owners of this Q&A website have posted some great tips of boosting your revenue, so be sure to check these out too.

While the world wide web offers a great number of opps for making money by answering questions, Internet money makers still should pay a lot of attention to, because it is a pretty new website, so the faster you start working here, the higher chances of getting high traffic answer pages you have.

Most of the traffic to the pages containing answers come from search engines, which means that you have a high potential of getting paid for answer questions even more, because organic traffic visits tend to generate a higher google adsense revenue.

Update: I do want to help you to get paid to answer surveys and questions, that’s why I have created a list of such websites, you can rate and comment on them by leaving your personal feedback. Please check out my list of “get paid to answer” websites (link above) and good luck in earning money with this technique.

Thanks for reading, I do hope to get some good money for answering questions at and would love to hear some of your thoughts about this exciting way of earning money for free.

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