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How To Optimize Google Adsense Ads to Make More Money Online

There more and more people, who are excited about earning money on the Internet. It is a well known fact that Google Adsense website monetization is one of the most popular ideas about earning money on the web.

When I have started my way to stable Internet income, the first thing I have read about that Internet webmasters can make money with personal websites or blogs. Telling the truth, when I started Internet blogging as my #1 hobby, I had no idea about creating sites, so I decided to go with, which is a pretty awesome blogging platform. Just to give you the whole point of earning money online, check out my previous post about making money with Google Adsense.

At first, I was trying to get as much content and visitors as I could, but such an experience supplied me only with the knowledge that non targeted traffic would not make you a lot of money with Google Adsense program. But I have come up with several ideas, which could help you in earning money with context advertising:

Number one Google Adsense Optimization Tip – work on your Adsense ad placement – the better you locate you advertising blocks – the more clicks and money you would receive. (later on I will be posting new posts and guides connected to this issue, but for now you can check out the tips provided by Google Adsense, for example – Adsense advertisement heat map).

Adsense Optimization Tip Number Two – when you are trying to find out a new style for your blog or website and want to earn more money with Adsense context advertising, mind the be block color and ad blending.

This is not that easy, as it may seem from the beginning. Some people say that Google Adsense ads without borders tend to have higher CTR percentage, but observing many websites I have noticed an interesting pattern – all of these have a rotating ad area, which usually has different ad block coloring.

Google Adsense Optimization Tip #3 – look what other web-masters and going and try to find the best option. I could not recommend you the exact ad, the one that makes the most money, but according to the latest Google Adsense press-release emails, it was stated that 336*250 blocks are most popular and widely used among webmasters, so I guess you have got the point now.

In the end, I would also tell you mind your readers and find the best placement for you ad, and not stuff many of them on your blog, if we are still talking about Adsense optimization for As for websites located at – try to keep your ads as close to the post body as possible, this is vital, even Google gives you this tip.

Anyways, if you are blogging just for money, you can find out some other techniques of getting more money with Google Adsense, for me this “make money over the Internet” blog is a simple hobby and I do have a lot of fun telling you how I earn cash from home, being a full-time student.

No matter what, I will show you how to add Adsense ads to your post body (left of right align content block) and will update you about other websites, which give an incredible opportunity of making money from home.

For example, I am about to cash out at for my 4th time, so I think that another post entitled “earning money with” is coming up and I really hope you enjoyed reading my blog. If you liked it, subscribe using the form above to receive free tips and news about earning cash from home in your spare time.


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