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How To Pick The Best Blog Hosting At

Recently I have been writing a lot about making money online with freelancer jobs. As for me the most popular Internet earning opportunity is freelance writing. You can always make good money by writing unique content for advertisers. Having some experience in this business field, I can say that sooner or later you will be willing to shift to something more profitable.

I think that starting your personal blog (niche blog) could give you way more money (even if you are earning with Adsense). But most of the time newbie freelance writers decide to create own blogs and make money by blogging (I do encourage new people to create personal websites and earn money on the Internet). Setting up a blog on WordPress takes just several minutes, but before that you need to find the best web hosting solution.

Hosting Choice

When I first created my 1st Internet blog (I think this is the one I had made up) I had no knowledge at all (I didn’t even know what MySQL is). But I have found a pretty nice guide on the Internet and I think that it was (but the idea remains – you can find the best information here). Let me reproduce everything I have read and give you some links to start with.

As soon as you visit WebHostingRating you end up with a list of Top 10 best hosting companies available at the moment. The deal is that users can review and comment on any listed webhosting company and check out the key features.

Usually you will have to decide on the budget, because you don’t really want to spend too much money on your new project. Assuming that you don’t know what to look for, you can visit the themed categories of the website, here you can find such hosting package reviews as:

  • Best Blog Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Best Email Hosting
  • vBulletin Hosting
  • Best Unix Hosting
  • SMF Hosting
  • Best Forum Hosting
  • Coppermine Hosting
  • Best PHP Hosting
  • PHPWiki Hosting
  • Best Windows Hosting

We are looking for a cheap blog website hosting, so I recommend you to click the link and take a look at what professionals from Web Hosting Rating have to offer you (you can find the positive and negative reviews, bonus features and a lot of other useful stuff).

Web Hosting Rating

Just to give you some tips, you can also visit the “CMS hosting” category, because WordPress is the best solutions for those, who are looking for free and configurable blog platform. As far as you are willing to save the money, you can look for special deals or coupons.

All in all, don’t want to load you with my tips, because you can find any web site hosting related information at for free. Also you can leave comments or ask for advice on the Internet, this is not a big deal for me now, but any help would make a newbie happy.

Anyways, I am sure willing to give you more tips on making money on the Internet, but I think you can check out my previous articles about freelance blogging and writing, it’s a great way of making money online.

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