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How to Write Articles for Money at (Adsense Revenue Sharing)?

If you are willing to start making money from home, but you don’t have any special knowledge to get started, you, like millions of other web users, should consider learning something new or improving your knowledge in some sphere of knowledge. By telling this, I recommend everyone, who has ever thought about beginning the route to making money online, to start with something simple, for example write content online for money.

Telling the truth, every single one of us can create quality content – articles, informative forum posts, reviews and how-to guides, we are professionals at least in something in this life, so why not make use of it and start earning money by sharing your skills online. For example, you are pretty good at playing computer games and know how to make the most of WOW (World of Warcraft) – I bet that some forum administrators will be glad to have you on their website, because your knowledge and skills can help other succeed (such actions will attract more users to the forums and will eventually make money to the admin).

Any website owner is ready to pay you the money, if they know that there are more money to be made with your skills. If you are not familiar with earning money by posting on forums, feel free to browse my blog, especially “get paid to write content” category.

But for now lets forget about all these article writer jobs and websites, which pay you to post on forums – they are sure great for earning money from home, but I would like to tell you about, which is a pretty nice revenue sharing websites, which gives you one of a kind chance to write online and earn money for free. So is a fast growing journalist and article writing community, where everyone can write articles, submit them for the community review, comment on other people’s work and receive Google Adsense revenue share.

Earn money by writing at

Writing articles for money is not that tough at all, they offer you the advantage of using special tools to look after your performance and see how much you earn with your submissions. You don’t have to be a professional blogger to start earning with Here you can gather this valuable experience I am always writing about and move on with something more professional.

To write and earn money with this online content source, you just need to create a free account (it takes just several minutes) and fill in your Google Adsense publisher ID, before you start adding your content. In order to earn money from Google Adsense advertising revenue at, you need to have an account with them (I mean the advertising network) and the total revenue split is 80/20 (you receive 80 percent of the money generated by your work and keeps the rest, just to keep their service free).

I see that is growing into a pretty nice community, they have special promotions and giveaways. People here get paid to write reviews and articles and in addition get prizes for good performance. Personally, I just love websites, which give you a chance to write articles for cash, in this blog there have already been many articles from this niche. Let me give a quick example, users at get paid to review stuff online, here you have a huge list of things you can write about and this makes this service extremely profitable.

If you would like to receive more information about making money by writing online, subscribe to my free email updates and thanks for reading. You positive comments really keep me going, so new reviews and work from home tips are about to come.

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