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How To Write Articles Online and Get Paid Using

Ever wanted to know how to get started with making money online? It goes without saying that Internet business and money-making like any other employment requires you to work hard, no matter what your skills are and how much time you spend online.

I know that many webmasters are telling you that earning money over the Internet is pretty easy, but don’t trust everything for read on the web. Compare various thoughts and come up with your own view on the point of making money online and make up your plan of action.

I have come all the way from the simplest work from home jobs (get paid to websites was the first thing I got involved with) online to the beginning of my web blogging career and I do want to establish an automated income online for myself. But this blog is created for those, who are at a complete loss and don’t really know where and how to begin earning money from home.

Earn easy money by writing and submitting articles

As for me, freelance writing jobs is a great way to make your first money over the Internet, because there are sites, which is pay you for simple content writing and data entry jobs (for example, Amazon Mturk pays for data entry jobs and it is very easy to make your first money there). But today, I would like to tell you about another website, which can give you the possibility to establish yourself as a good web writer (maybe promote your blog or personal web-page) and earn money for your article views. seems to be pretty popular among freelance workers, because people, who tend to earn money by writing are rapidly discussing the opportunity of getting paid for writing at Examiner. To get started with Examiner you need to fill in the application and start adding your articles to this free article directory, which has a revenue sharing system.

How to earn money writing content at

After visiting their website, I have found several reasons to become an “examiner” (but this is my interpretation of their thoughts):

  1. Build up your readership (popularity and loyal readers means a lot to any Internet writer or blogger)
  2. Publish articles, thoughts and share information with other users (maybe in the future you will get enough experience to set up your own Internet based business)
  3. Communicate with other writers and find out the secrets of earning money by writing content (this is very important, because you can deduce a lot even from a single article, not mentioning that writing portfolio).
  4. Get paid for your content (it should be stated that it is not that easy to earn a lot of money by writing at, but you need something to base your experience on). pays one cent for every view of your article, which doesn’t sounds like a lot of money, but if you think about it. Smart writers choose non-competitive niches, which guarantees you good search engine positions and traffic, of course. So writing 10-15 articles, which will get 500-600 views per day is totally possible (for instance, I have a post on this blog, which has been viewed 18000 times already, so if I would have posted it on some revenue sharing website like, I would have made a descent sum of money).

I hope that you get the point of earning money with freelance article writing and will start acting. But for now, I can give you some other interesting ways of earning money by something we already do – is pretty popular today and you can sell twitter advertising space at, which is pretty easy and profitable.

Thanks for reading IncomeBooster blog and I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts about, especially if you have some experience with them.

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