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Ideas to Make Money Online Legitimately with

Internet business is a tough one but as soon as you get grip of things, you will never feel a desire to switch to your daily nine to five job. I have been testing and reviewing various work at home jobs and make money online opportunities. A lot of them work and give Internet users a chance to make money online for free. Some of them are scam but I am trying to notify you about all possible online scams that is, partially, why I run this blog.

Today I would like to present one online earning opportunity for those, who have skills needed to create a website, market it and probably think about selling it for profit. On the web such make money online opportunity is called website flipping and once you figure out the process of creating powerful websites, creating such for profit can help you make a living from home.


Internet business ideas connected with

In my posts I try to combine both theory and practice. Theoretically, I review and give my vision of the earning opportunity, in this case flipping websites for profit. Practically, I give links to websites, where you can apply theoretical knowledge. - buy and sell websites online is one of the most popular online website marketplaces, where you can both buy and sell websites. I don’t want to take your time by going into particulars with this one, instead let me give you some ideas on how to make money online for free at

Creating websites for sale

The first earning idea is to take advantage of the fact that there are still millions of people, who are not well technologically educated and need help with website creation. Maybe such users want to get a website and develop it but don’t know how to create one, so they are willing to buy a site and develop it according to their needs. Good ideas might be creating turnkey websites, niche blogs and forums. Or if you are knowledgeable enough, you can come up with your own website concept, develop a script and sell your sites alongside with your custom business model.

Real-life example of mine: several years ago I have seen a lot of “paid forum posting” services websites, which were sold as turnkeys, ready business models, which allowed people to buy a ready website and start their own Internet business.

Create, promote and sell established websites

If you are a bit familiar with this business you probably know how hard it is to promote a website, establish it and generate profit with an online business or news website. But I am sure that there are webmasters, who have already figured a set of tools, keyword-research techniques and services, which can help build powerful websites. Such websites can surely attract visitors from search engines and make money.

So by creating, promoting and establishing websites you can practice your skills, learn new information and make money online by selling established websites (depending on the uniqueness of your site, quality of content, website age and revenue you can sell your sites for up to 1500% of their monthly revenue).

Buying established websites and developing them

For this earning idea you need a start-up budget and some copywriting or webmastering experience. By investing several thousand dollars and daily work into your online property, you can create an automated income stream for yourself and enjoy automated earnings. The main benefits of this method are: you can buy an aged website (which is a good benefit for SEO); receive a site, which already has profit; don’t spend time writing all content from scratch but only go on developing an existing website.

These are just several ideas on how to make money online with website marketplace. In my future posts I will surely share my experience with the site but if you have any ideas on how to work from home by using Flippa marketplace, please leave your comments below and support by voting for us on social networks.

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