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Over the past several years webmasters have been working hard on introducing various Internet services, which are supposed to make our life easier. Journalists and copywriters publish millions of news articles and reviews every year, so ordinary users can find answers to their questions easier – be it a complicated technology system review or a vacation advice.

To tell the truth, vacation advice and reviews of international resorts are sure to attract more searchers, especially if these reviews are based on writer’s personal experience. Have you ever thought who is standing behind the travel reviews? Well, mostly these are written by professional journalists or travel writers but website offers any person, who is keen on writing and traveling, a chance to publish travel photos and reviews and earn rewards for such efforts.

This reward program is open to contributors internationally.


What is is a community for travelers by travelers. Thousands of reviews, guides, suggestions and photos are sure to spark your desire for travelling and finding out new things and all these materials on are listed for free.

Travel rewards program at

Members of their community get to discuss all published materials and share their own. When it comes to sharing your travel materials at, a U GO! Rewards program is worth mentioning.

Rewards for travel sharing

A unique rewards program enables IgoUgo members to earn money by sharing their travel photos and reviews. For every published review or uploaded photo, users get a certain amount of money. Positive votes for these materials bring additional points to the writer/uploader.

All earned points could be exchanged for exciting prices, among them are Amazon Gift cards or travel miles.

On their website you will be able to find out more about this offer and start your registration process.

Further reading is a travel community, which invites travel bloggers to enjoy their opportunity of earning money with writing travel-related articles. You are never been so close to earning money with travel writing.

Interested in other ways of earning money by writing? We are running a list of sites offering Internet jobs for writers and journalists. This list is being updated frequently, so you are less likely to miss the hottest offers.

Roundup and final thoughts

People keen on traveling and finding out new exciting things for them are sure to find a whole lot of interesting articles at Additionally, this community gives a chance to turn your travel knowledge and experience to use and earn awesome rewards by contributing to it.

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