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Internet Content Management and Writing – Three Ways to Make Money with

Well so basically I would like to prove you that I can give you more information about get paid to write opportunities (and not just about paid to watch websites and get paid to upload projects, as some blog readers claim on various forums and bulletin boards).

Anyways, personally I have been looking for websites, where I can submit my make money online content (usually earning guides, payment proof posts and success stories) and earn money, because I find it hard to find good websites, where I can submit my content (even for free).

So far I have been writing articles and was submitting them to Squidoo and Hubpages (because as you know you can add your Adsense ads to Squidoo lenses and Hub pages and receive extra revenue).

Now that long ago I have received some emails from my readers (the number of which is constantly growing, I have hit over 3k subscribers already) asking me about get paid to write opportunity. So I have tried this website myself by submitting one article about paid file sharing websites.

My article has been approved in several hours, and as for me I will be earning special bonus points (royalties for ads running on my page about “get paid to upload websites”). As you see, at you can share your knowledge, publish it (all server costs are covered, it’s totally free to join) and earn royalty points for the information you have online at (you will earn 50% of the money made by your pages).

I have not checked my traffic stats or revenue stats with this website yet, but I am kind of excited to see if it’s really working (but from what I see so far, it’s pretty exciting). Apart from submitting your own content to Wikinut, you can review content pages (check uploaded articles by users) and refer other members.

By referring new members, you will get the opportunity to receive 10% of the points your referrals make and convert these points to cash.

Anyways, good luck with, and I would like you to check out HubPages earning opportunity and try if writing articles for money is working for you.

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