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Is There Money to Be Made with Freelance Writing at Break Studios?

If you are looking for great ways of earning money from home, then is right for you, I am doing my best to publish the best content, which is somehow connected with making money from home. As for me, making cash over the Internet with all possible methods, techniques and websites could be pretty easy, if you possess the right information on the topic of Internet business.

I write everything according to my personal research or experience, if I have experience with the websites I write about. A great example is my post about Points2shop, where I reminded my users about the great possibility of getting paid for surveys at points2shop, which is an awesome get paid to (GPT) website (you can find out everything about gpt websites and earning money by completing offers by using the sidebar navigation).

Write articles for money at Break Studios

Get paid to websites are pretty cool, and I just love the process of earning money with them, but right now I will give some Internet earning ideas for those, who are passionate writers and would like to know how to earn by writing online. Again I will go back to my previous posts, and supply a link to an older post of mine. It is connected to a social bookmarking website called “She Told Me” and it has started the concept of making money with social bookmarking.


Well, lets go back to writing content (tutorials, articles, how-to guides) for money, to be exact to my first Break Studios review. I am not that good of a writer to apply for a position here, but I am doing my best in improving my writing skills, and hopefully I will get accepted one day.

What is Break Studios and how to get paid for freelance writing?

Break Studios is the website, which can give you a chance to monetize your writing skills. I know many of us are passionate writers, but have never thought about the possibility of getting paid for writing online. If you would like to write for one of the leading men’s entertainment brands and get paid for doing so, go on reading or visit Break Studios website right away. Here you can earn cash by writing about subjects and topics you enjoy and have expert knowledge in (well, even if your knowledge is not enough, there is also a possibility to do some research online). In addition to all this, with Break Studios you can work from home with no money down (have free schedule or spend more time with your family).

Make money by writing at Break Studios

How to start making money writing @ Break Studios?

Break Studios supplies its writers with numerous article writing jobs on daily basis, so if you are serious about starting your freelance writing career online, then Break Studios could be the right company to get you started. Here is the process of making money online by writing using

  1. Apply for writer position at Break Studios by visiting their website. The process seems to be pretty straight forward, so I highly doubt that any problems may occur with this.
  2. If your application is approved, you can start earning with freelance writing jobs online. Getting paid for writing at Break is pretty simple, because you will have the title, subject, sub-title, due date, targeted website and the amount of money to be paid for your publication. Not that hard to figure everything out and write good article, but here everything depends on you.
  3. Right after approval you article will be published and you are free to add it to your writing portfolio or tell your friends that you are making money by writing online (I’m sure they’d be happy for you).

Break Studios pays their writers once a month and all payments are processed by PayPal. I have a friend, who is working rapidly with
Break Studios and enjoys his freelance writing earnings. He said that he began with 8-10$ per article at, but I am not sure how much he makes now, maybe the higher you reputation is, the more money you make.

Personally speaking, I’m not much of a writer myself yet, but I will be working on my skill and hopefully will earn some money soon. I just love revenue sharing websites, where I can publish my work, receive comments from my readers and even earn money with Google Adsense.

I hope everything is pretty clear and now you will start thinking about starting your freelance writer career. Well, you just need to try all possible ways of Internet business and very soon you will find the technique, which brings you both money and satisfaction. But for now, you can subscribe to and receive the best news from make money online world to your email address.


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