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Modern business has reached the step, when the further development is impossible with automation and application of innovative technologies and solutions. Experience shows that skilled usage of technological advancements and work organization can become a true competitive advantage.

Right now world wide web is the place, where any company can find information about the latest business technologies and even choose the right people for the job. One of the latest trends is crowdsourcing and innovative companies seem to be enjoying it the most, while also creating many jobs for specialists all over the world. Let’s take a quick look at what these offers may be.

What is is a technology consulting firm, which takes up on the most incredible information technology projects and always finds the best people to accomplish them. has International Job Openings for Stay-At-Home Workers

From the very beginning very started to like, as an employer, because of the number of available job listings and the fact that they are open internationally (the directory has work at home openings for over 10 countries).

If you would like to check out the available listings and send you application, please check out this page:

Isoftstone pride themselves on using the crowdsourcing approach to work and they usually post leads, which are suitable for people, who are either good at technology or languages (or maybe both).

This company usually recruits such specialists:

Search Engine Evaluator – is a person responsible for analyzing and rating the quality of the search results formed by internationally-known search engines. Example of the listing:

Transcriber – an employee, who recreates audio speech in the text form. Here is the example listing:

Information Researcher is a specialist, who handles long term data collection tasks. More information here:

Annotator – a person, who classifies linguistic data in order to improve voice recognition applications. Job listing example:

– Online Freelancer – work from home specialist, who conducts research on various topics and participates in user experience projects.

As it can be seen, Isoftstone hires people, who specialize in various fields, so that’s why it is so hard to make this review shorter and straight to the point. The pay varies depending on the position you are willing to take up too but we have noticed that the average pay is about $10-$15 per hour.

As usual, we offer you to check out similar opportunities, if you were not hired by Isoftstone:,,,,

All in all, Isoftstone looks like a decent employer with good reputation. But we would like to get more responses from people, who actually worked for them and can share their experience (one of the editors here at IncomeBooster has already applied, so we are waiting to make a follow up review for you).

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