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Legit Work at Home Job – Write Articles for Money at

Internet provided me with an opportunity to earn money for doing something I really enjoy. For a very long time I was doing researches on the web, sharing information with my friends and relatives. But only several years ago I stumbled across several articles, which showed me that I can make money online by sharing my knowledge in the form of niche articles.

The vast majority of work at home opportunities and ways to make money online deals with content creation: if you are capable of creating interesting content, promote it a bit and find the matching advertising, then you are sure to receive money for your efforts.

Writing articles for money is the easiest way to start working online and getting benefits from doing so. If you are knowledgeable about some subject or you have a degree in some field of study, then you can come up with some interesting articles and post them on revenue sharing communities (there are many of such paying cash for your writing, such as,,, ect). - earn royalties for article publishing

Today I would like to say a few words about yet another community, where you can publish your content, do some promotion and get money on revenue sharing basis. The website is called and you need to have a Google Adsense account in order to receive royalties on your site.

The process of earning money with content writing at WorldVillage is very simple:

1) You create a totally free account and make up a list of topics you can write about it. Basically you want to create an article, which will be wanted to be passed around; what I am willing to say that you need to write helpful content in order to attract visitors.
2) After adding your article onto website it will be reviewed by the moderators and if it is accepted, then contextual ads are to be integrated in your article.
3) is a Google Adsense revenue sharing community, which means that you will get money every time someone clicks ads, which are located in your articles. Currently the revenue split is 50/50.

Pros: is a free community, where you can practice your article writing, gain experience and entries to your writer’s portfolio and finally make some money online if your articles become popular.

Cons: Some writers use revenue sharing websites for promoting their personal pages, blogs and portfolios but can only nofollow links in articles to offer, so there are only traffic benefits to be extracted from this content publishing community.

So the bottom line is, to make money online by writing you need to have perfect knowledge of the language, some experience in Internet research and your personal style – all these things come with time. is a great place to practice your writing and make money online for free with your writing.

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