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Earn Free Stuff Online Playing Games At Microsoft Live Club

Would you like to earn free stuff for something you already do? So let me ask you something then, how many times you’ve been bored and was looking for free online games to waste some time? Some times you just have to strike the perfect balance between relaxation and work, so why not combine these things? is the place to earn rewards for playing simple games. The whole idea is pretty simple, you just have a good time playing games and earn special points (tickets), which can be redeemed for special prizes. But let me show you the whole process in steps:

Step 1

It’s required to sign up for Microsoft Live Search Club or use any Microsoft service. When you done registering, just sign in or you your MSN/HotMail account. The registration is required, because if you redeem your points, the notifications will be sent to your email.

Step 2

Now when you have the account, you can start earning points, which are also called tickets. Also there are several ways of earning points – the first one (the easiest) is to earn points by playing flash/trivia games. All the games are powered and somehow connected with the Microsoft Live Search. If you want to get some bonus points, the Live Search Toolbar is available for download, and you will receive some extra credits for using the toolbar too. The last way to earn credits playing is to use Live search engine (every seach is worth 1 ticket – maximum 10 searches per day).

Step 3

Start exchanging your points for special prizes from the Live store. You can start redeeming points as soon as you get about 100 points (which is not that hard to reach). Remember about the 2000 point total limit and redeem your points whenever you can. Also you have a choice of giving your points to charity.

Live Seach Club

As you see Live Club is a fun way to have some fun on the Internet. The games offered at this website are pretty cool, and I can spend hours playing them. Basically you can exchange your points for various Microsoft merchandise including Microsoft Zune and Xbox 360.


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