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The number of Internet communities is growing rapidly. People use social networks, forums and fan pages on daily basis. Not only politicians, famous athletes and celebrities have their own communities but also numerous companies and businesses.

Keeping an Internet community clean from any irrelevant information is tough that is why website owners or administrators use services of a skilled moderator. If you have experience working with online content, good with virtual communication and fluent in more than one language besides English, then you have a chance of being hired (please note that this company is hiring worldwide).

Who are

Liveworld is an Internet based company providing content media management services and moreover they are hiring people for their community moderator position.

In order to get this job you need to meet a set of requirement but one of the best things about this position is that international members may also apply for this job. – Internet moderation jobs open internationally

To learn more about the requirements and fill out an application form please visit:

In brief, the main task of a community moderator is to review user content, check if community posts meets standards set by the administration, put content in proper category and assign proper tasks.

Many communities are places within social networks, so candidates, who are fluent in several foreign languages and can interact with multicultural community, have better chances of being hired, however don’t let this fact keep you away from filling out a registration form.

This is a great opportunity to work in your spare time and make additional income. If you are interested in this type of work we could recommend virtual assisting jobs at and, which may be a good start for every job seeker.

If you have any experience with this company, please let us know and leave your feedback in the comment section below. We are especially interested in the number of tasks moderators get per day and in the current pay rates.

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