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There are tons and tons of free ways of making money on the Internet or opportunities using which you can receive or win free prizes on the Internet.

In my blog I am writing not just about methods of earning cash using all possible techniques. Recently I am paying more attention to websites, which provide the opportunity of fast cast making, or about websites which pay you for something you already do (for example – pays you to share you media files or which will pay you to search Google or use other sponsored search engines).

Well, I am trying to prove everyone that earning money from home could be a lot of fun, and you can actually make money online for something you already do or have done at some point of your life.

For several months I have been writing about, which is a pretty popular social website, which gives you a chance to earn Lockerz points. These points could be later on redeemed to various prizes or even cash (gift cards).

Just to tell you more, I would like to give you the link to the post, where I show you prize list received from, the deal is that I have received my prize from this site, but now it is being redeveloped and I can not request more prizes, which is a bummer.

Many Lockerz’s members are excited about the new redemption area, which has been promised to us a while ago. A month or so ago I have got an email from Lockerz, which notified me about the chance of requesting prizes for Z-listers (which I kind of missed). So now I will tell you everything I know about, as for May, 2010.

There are rumors going around that Lockerz is a big scam and no one has received any prizes this year. Telling the truth, I have got my prize on January the 14th, which makes the previous statement totally busted (this was written in post entitled – Lockerz News and Updates – February 2010). Prize Received in 2010

I am not being very active on this website nowadays, but from time to time I log in, read the news and see what’s going on with Lockerz website.

I have logged in today and observed such a picture – staff members are working hard on adding new features and bug fixes. Now you receive 4 points a day just for logging in and the same amount of points for being active on their website.

The prize store is now live, but the prizes are still being added. I have read that some Z-list members are starting to order prizes again, which sounds pretty awesome to me.

I do hope that this website will turn out to be a new opening for Internet money-makers (you need 5000 points for 1000$ gift card) and anyone from all across the globe with enjoy this incredible opportunity.

If you are interested, refer to this link to receive free stuff at I still give away such invitations, so don’t be late!

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