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Every day I go through my emails and find many questions about making money from readers. So there are three categories of readers in my blog – 1) web bloggers, who are looking for new and creative ways of making money from Internet, 2) people, who do freelance Internet jobs and don’t want to get scammed by one of the numerous Internet fraud sites and 3) Internet users, who treat working from home just like a fun event and try to get money or prizes for doing fun stuff (searching google for money – yes, you can earn money with search engines).

Anyways, but the last category of people are emailing me asking about this Internet project called, the one I have been blogging about for several times. I see that many people are excited about finding news about’s development, but some still think that is a big scam.


Is Lockerz really a scam website?

Telling the truth, I can not claim anything, but give you some facts, which will give you some ideas whether Lockerz is a scam website, or it is a legit program, which is just being developed more and more.

Why is NOT a scam:

  1. On the 14th of January my brother has received a prize from Lockerz (the shipping took just 2 weeks – good for international member) and you can check out the Lockerz prizes received in 2010
  2. Every day I log in to their website, to complete a daily survey and I see that new surveys are being added on daily terms, which means that admins at least do that
  3. The redemption page is still closed, but it has tremendously changed and redesigned. I think that is because some people have found ways of cheating their system, so they have just done some redevelopment of their security system.
  4. Several weeks ago I have received an email from stating that the works on the redemption page are almost over and every soon Z-listers will be receiving prizes, which sounds pretty much good to me

Why is A scam:

  1. All you can do is complete the surveys and read news on their official website. Nothing new is being introduced so far
  2. Even though the Lockerz redemption area is being worked on, it is still closed, so no idea when we will start receiving prizes from Lockerz, maybe in February 2010?
  3. Well, these are the major drawbacks, but people are spreading the word that is a huge scam with the speed of light, but I still believe in miracle (I have received a T-shirt from them too, so I guess I have the reason for this)

Anyways, I really hope to hear more from the section “Lockers News and Prizes” in February 2010, but I don’t see it coming yet. If you are still interested in this website, check out the information about by visiting the link – free T-shirts at

Anyways,  have fun earning money online using other techniques, for example you can complete easy offers for money at, which is a great GPT website and it is rapidly growing at the moment (only positive feedback – CrownGPT review for more information).


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