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Lockerz News – Prize Restock For April 2010 and Who is Getting Free Prizes?

I know that Internet is full of make money online opportunities and my job is to tell you which methods of earning money from home and which just don’t work out for people. But sometimes I get tired of looking only for sites, which pay you can for doing something, just like pays to view sponsored videos or, where you can make money by sharing your personal media files.

Recently I am into fun ways of not just making cash over the Internet by doing all possible types of work, but I’m on my way to proving that earning online could be fun, and you can get money or receive prizes for something you already do on the Internet – complete easy sponsor tasks, fill in surveys, use paid search engines, write blog reviews, ect.

So now, I would like to update you on the website, which is called It is a paid social network, where you can earn points for your daily activities. These points could be easily exchanged for all possible prizes or even cash (I have already got my Prize in 2010 – A free branded T-shirt and looking forward to receiving my Ipod Shuffle now).

If you are not familiar with Lockerz website, you can check out my first website review and find out how you can get free prizes, cash with this website and receive an invitation from me for free.

My Free Prize (Received in 2010)

I know that many people are excited about new changes in this website, but some of them are waiting for getting their prizes impatiently. The point is that Lockerz is trying to develop their prize store now and it is opened once or twice a month only, so if you have the points for your purchase at the Lockerz store, but have missed the date you will have to wait for several weeks more.

I am updating my referrals every month, as far as I am trying to find out when the redemption will be opened next time, but as far as I have read, the store will be working 3 times this month (April 2010) and people predict it to be in the middle of the month (3 days in a row).

But I can not actually guarantee that all these dates are right, so the best thing is to log in to their website every day and see what they have in the news section. But I am really enthusiastic about this website and expect to receive my Ipod shuffle pretty soon, and in addition I have enough points for requesting another prize.

The concept of free social network is really popular nowadays and I have another example of a website, where you can earn points for your daily activity and redeem the points you have earned to all possible prizes. For more information, please check out my post “Brand New Paid Social Network – Receive Prizes For Your Daily Activity at (Review)“. Thanks for your attention and don’t forget to subscribe to

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