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Lockerz Prize List, Bonus Redemption and News from for June 2010

I have been so busy writing all possible articles about earning money from home, so I have totally forgot to pass the latest news from to you. Well, if you have missed my cool posts about earning money with and getting paid for writing articles online and reviewing products, make sure to go back a little and read all this information (well, subscribing could be a great idea too, because all IncomeBooster subscribers receive free email updates).

Well, now lets go back to news and updates. For those, who still don’t know what is I will explain in several words. It’s like a paid social network, where you can invite your friends, follow the buzz, answer daily questions and just be the part of the community. For such actions you will be awarded special points, which could be later on redeemed for spacial prizes.

Referring friends to Lockerz is a lot of fun and you will get a free T-shirt, as soon as your friend count will reach 20. I have already got mine and I is pretty cool one, I must say. I have already been writing about my prizes received, so you can just go back and see how they look.

My T-shirt Prize – Received in 2010

So now lets talk about in June 2010 (I know it is kind of late right now, but I will add more and more information in my July news post). The main redemption in June is about to end, so it is kind of sad to tell, but I have missed this one (even though I have enough points for a brand new laptop order). There had been several promotions, on terms of which, users, who have spent some money in the Lockerz store, automatically got an entry ticket to the redemption page.

And there is more to it, I don’t remember if I have told you or not, right now has a special gift shop, where you can get crazy discounts by using your PTZ (lockerz points). Many of my friends are spending points in such a way and they are just loving it (sometimes you can get even 50 or 70 percent off on selected items).

Well, is a pretty cool social community and I hope you are having luck with it. Recently I have been sharing Lockerz prize list, but everything gets updated so fast, it is even kind of hard to catch up with all these changes, news and updates. If you have still not joined, but would like to get a chance of getting prizes for your daily activity, take a look at this post and get a free invitation to from me.

Well, as usual, thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe to my email updates, I will be adding more and more make money related news and it will be pretty sad, if you will miss it.


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