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Lockerz Prize List, Updates and Redemption Prediction for September 2010

I have been running this blog about making money online and working from home for a pretty long time. Persoanlly I began earning cash from home over five years ago and ever since then I was pretty much interested in everything, which is connected with money-making possibilities and Internet.

Some time did pass since then and I developed this blog into a pretty nice news source for those, who want to know about free ways of earning money at home. If you are new to my make money online blog, you can browse the categories and see what work from home and earning possibilities I already included (just for the sake of an example, I wrote a post about making cash with free paid surveys, I know that this is a great way of making money, but this is just one of many posts, which are published on


Many readers of mine say that this weblog is a great resource for Internet earning news, because I write based on my actual experience and update my readers with frequent email notifications and articles, which get published several times per week.

What is Lockerz and what to expect in September 2010?

Speaking of the updates, I really want to write another post about, if you don’t know the answer to the question – “What is“, feel free to check out this informative article. I have forgotten to write that I blog not only about sites, which give us money for doing stuff online, I just love various freebie and paid social network websites, that’s why I pay so much attention to

If you have read some information about lockerz you already know that this is a paid social network, where users receive special points (PTZ) for answering daily questions, being active on the website, watching videos, referring new members. These points could be used for getting free stuff (more information about lockerz prize list) and receiving huge discounts, when you buy stuff on the Internet (up to 99% off, check their website for more information).

I have been a member of this website for a pretty long time and I have a lot of points in my account. But right now is very populated (they have millions of members registered), so they don’t allow us to redeem stuff and request prizes every day, they are special redemption dates, the ones we don’t really know, so all we can do is to make up lockerz redemption predictions.

According to my personal experience with this website (with, there are 3 redemptions every month (which take place every ~10-15 days). is pretty cool, but you may want to check out alternative paid social networks (for example proof – free Z-lister T-shirt

Lockerz Prize - Free Z-lister T-shirt

But is an international paid social network, which makes it both easy and complicated. There are way more chances of getting prizes, if you live in the US, Canada or UK, because these countries can participate in special bonus redemptions at (they just have to buy something from their store in order to be allowed to redeem stuff at Lockerz).

Lockerz restock does take some time, especially for international members. I want to share my story with you – almost every month I get in the redemption, but usually I am late due to limited number of prizes for international members at lockerz (last time, I logged in 27 minutes after the beginning of the redemption at lockerz and all items were gone, ordered by other members, so you just have to be very-very lucky).

Lockerz redemption predictions and prize store updates

But there are some tips I can give you for getting lockerz prizes – usually lockerz redemptions (that’s my lockerz prediction for September) take place in the middle of the month and usually the store in open in the evening, or late at night (this this depends on your geographical location); check back often, looks for lockerz new prize list, because if they are adding new prizes, they will be opening the store soon and lastly – be attentive and follow their websites, these could give you some clue. is a great paid social network, but I am pretty disappointed with it, due to my location and the point that I can’t get my prizes. But I have found a site like lockerz – (here received my first prize, didn’t have to wait a minute and my item was delivered very fast). So you can check out this awesome lockerz alternative.

Well, but I don’t want you to think that is a scam, I did receive some prizes from them. I referred 20 users to their website and got my lockerz t-shirt, which looks pretty awesome, so it was really worth it (this article contains my lockerz proof, so you can take a look at it).

I do hope that this review is helpful for you and we all will be able to get into this prize redemption at If you want to know more about this website and other cool ways of earning money for free, subscribe to my make money online blog (I may end up writing another post about lockerz and alternative websites).

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