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Lockerz Redemption Prediction (October, 2010) – What’s New at

When was creating, I wanted to make this a blog about earning money on the Internet and base all the post on my experience. I do work on the web and use various websites to make a living from home. To tell the truth, I didn’t expect this small blog to gain such a popularity, by saying this I mean – “I didn’t expect people to be emailing me about various work from home, get paid to and even freebie websites with a request of testing them and writing honest reviews”.

I do honor my readers and will do my best to answer all possible questions, which are related to this blog and making money at home in general. In the previous passage I mentioned “freebie and paid social network websites” on purpose, as far as this post will be directly connected with this niche.

[toc] is a scam! – Wait, what?

Almost a year ago I was asked to review one social network service called A lot of time has passed since then and I can not definitely answer the question from my fellow-reader – “Is a scam?”.

It is a two-faced question and I am somewhere in between, when it comes to giving the answer to this request (maybe that is why I write lockerz news posts almost every month). First of all, let me remind you, is a social network, which rewards it users for their daily participation.

Here registered members get PTZ (special points) for watching videos, answering daily questions and referring new members. These points could be used for getting free prizes at lockerz (check out my previous lockerz posts for full lockerz prizes list) or receiving huge discounts in their online store.

My T-shirt prize – received in 2010


Everything sounds pretty cool and straight forward, but now, when millions of users are registered with Lockerz, the company seems to be struggling, when it comes to shipping out user prizes (I will provide you my personal example, I have enough points to get a free MacBook Pro, but I just don’t have a chance to request it, maybe that is why I have started using Fribiz – free online auction website).

Well, I don’t know is lockerz is a scam, because they did send me my free T-shirt for referring 20 users, but I don’t know when I will be able to get my larger prize. This month I went through all possible websites looking for a lockerz redemption prediction and was able to allocate one, but unfortunately all items were “given away”.

I don’t really know how to call this one, they have a cool list of lockerz prizes and are launching new great social network for their members, but I am just not sure how long this website will exist.

As for my Lockerz prediction for October, 2010, their redemption store may be opened on the end of this month, so if you have time, check back more often or maybe leave comments here, at and let others know what you think about lockerz service.

Thanks for reading my short post about, I know that there is a whole lot of other websites, which can easily help us make money from home and receive prizes for our participation. If you would like to know more about such websites, subscribe to this work from home blog and I will be sending you weekly updates from the Internet business world.

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