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Make Easy Money on Twitter by Using Advertising

On daily basis I find out about new ways of making money over the Internet. Several days ago I have been writing about earning money with a brand new website called CoolerCash and today I have got several more emails regarding new websites, where any Internet user can easily earn money (more information – reivew).

I do like the concept of earning money by blogging and writing articles, as for me, it is one of the most popular ways of making money over the Internet. Many of us use web forums on daily basis, where we share personal experience or discuss some world news. So we produce quality content, the content we can earn money with. If you are an active member of some technology discussion board, why not create your own blog and tell the world what you think about the latest technology development or write about any topic of your choice.

Blogging online for money is really simple and can be profitable for you, if you get the whole point of producing quality content and earning money of it. You can find out more about ways of making a stable income with blogs by reading my previous entries, but today I have some information about earning money with micro blogs.

The most popular micro blogging platform is called and this Internet service has become very popular over the last several years (some people even claim that it is even more popular than FaceBook, but I doubt it so far). Many of us have a Twitter account and of course followers, if you are an active user, you must have people, who read your entries and follow you.

It was stunning for me to find out and any Twitter user can make money by selling ad space on their micro-blog pages. There has been two posts about earning money by tweeting in my blog already and both websites, which have been reviewed offer different advertising and earning options. The first post dealt with earning money by selling Twitter ads at

The service I would like to tell some words about is called and after completing the registration process on this website you can automatically add sponsored tweets to your account and get paid for this.

Register at Ad.Ly to earn money by Twitting

Ad.Ly Money Making System

The registration process takes just several minutes and after verifying your email you will be able to add your Twitter account page there. After doing so, your account will be added to the advertisers’ access and when the system finds anyone, who is interested in advertising with you, you will get an option to review the sponsored tweet, accept or deny it.

Making money with is very similar to the business concept of, where you can earn money for selling tweets (here your account popularity is the main feature). is not much different, here you can set up your Twitter account and the system will automatically add sponsored ad tweets to your page. There is no need to do any of the manual work and money will be added to your account automatically. I am just trying out this make money online system myself, so I am looking for interesting tips connected with using

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