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Make even more money with Adsense due to recent TOS update

All of us know about Google Adsense, the best website monetization method online. Telling the truth, this program is the most successful for me so far, and now Google has created even better conditions for us! According to the latest Google update, you can now place multiple publishers’ advert code on the same page, website or blog. So if you run your website with your friend, now you can both earn with adsense, so no one could make a fool of you, sorry just kidding :lol:.

Telling the truth, I do like this update and this will make it more easier to claim my income percentage from co-owned websites, that’s why I’m extremely excited about this!

Here is the exact reminder from Google about their TOS and rules :

# The maximum number of products per page will remain the same.
# If you don’t own the site, you’ll need to receive permission from the site owner to display your ads on their pages.
# They’re unable to divide earnings between accounts, so any revenue generated will be credited to the account associated with the ad unit that was clicked or viewed.
# Any shared site that displays Google ads must also comply with their program policies.
# You’re responsible for the content of any page where your ad code appears. Before placing your ad code on another publisher’s site, they recommend reviewing the site for any policy violations.

Hopefully this news is good to you too :). Feel free to comment and leave your thoughts and feedbacks about this Google Adsense update.


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