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[Expired] Make Money by Asking and Answering Questions at

Nowadays more and more people get unlimited access to Internet and can enjoy all the benefits of this worldwide network. The most exciting advantage of world wide web, as for me, is the ability to make money online for free.

In this blog I featured a lot of good ways to earn cash over the web, these include: paid forum posting, writing content for money, earning cash with blog, taking surveys for cash and even answering questions for money.

Last week I came across a good site, where I was able to get paid for answering questions, so I would like to provide a quick review of for you.

How to use for earning money by answering questions is a popular Internet community, where users can ask questions and get top-class answers from real experts or where they can earn money by being an expert and answering questions. - get paid to answer questions online

If you want to start earning money at home by answering questions and giving advice at you have to stick to their main rule – only people, who can write well and spell correctly are eligible to make cash on this website. I hope that you fall into this category and I will write a quick process of earning money with this site:

1) Browse available questions in order to provide your answers or ask your questions.
2) Make sure to submit detailed answers (at least 4 sentences) and pay attention to usage of long-tail keywords.
3) All submissions are being reviewed and posted only if they pass moderation process.
4) Every accepted post will give you 10 points (1 point = 1 cent) and you can submit as many answers as you want.
5) The minimum amount needed for a cash-out is set at 10 dollars and you can earn this amount in the matter of hours.

Currently pays money via PayPal. Fix4Fix looks like a very solid project with honest and devoted owners. Please visit their website to find out more about this website and check out other sites, which pay money for giving advice (I featured quite a lot of them in this blog already).

Thanks for your attention, I do hope that you will have an opportunity to earn some money with by sharing your knowledge and by posting your answers to questions. Please follow me on social networks and don’t hesitate to ask questions in the comment section below. See you soon in my new make money online posts.

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