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Here in this make money online and work from home blog, which is called, I write about all possible get paid to opportunities and websites, which allow us to earn cash over the Internet. Running this website is a lot of fun, as far as I am testing out all possible projects and share my money-making experience.

So far I have listed hundreds of ways of earning money at home here and I am not stopping at this stage. Previously I have featured one website, where experts can get paid to answer questions. And I have already mentioned that anyone can get paid for sharing knowledge and supplying expert advice on the Internet, if you are knowledgeable in some sphere of study, you can start making good money from home.

And monetizing skills on the web is not very hard, you can do a lot of things for money, online. Some work from home newbies decide to start earning by writing and there is nothing wrong about that, if you have a lot of free time every day, you can even combine several ways of earning cash. And I have an interesting recommendation for you today.

There is this website, where you can make money being an expert or in simple words get cash for answering human questions. Well, is a big community of experts, which are willing to help visitors in answering all possible questions. Whenever you need to find a solution to some problem, you can head on to and ask the virtual helper. This helper will try to answer you question, if she fails, the experts will be emailed and will do their best to answer the question or help with the research.

Make money at home by answering questions at

Get paid to answer questions online with

Anyways lets get to the part, where we can actually get some benefits from this website. Becoming an expert at is very simple, you just have to fill in a simple registration form and start updating your profile, which should reflect your actual knowledge and the potential help you can provide to the users.

By answering questions and adding information you will be earning special points and credits (by the way, you can also receive money for referring new experts to the website). Apart from the points, which actually show your level of expertise, you will be getting $0.2 for every question you answer on (provided this question has been positively rated by the user).

The minimum cash-out limit at Weegy is equal to $20 and all payments will be processed by PayPal system. Earning this amount of money shouldn’t be hard, as far as there is a special service for users, who want to get knowledgeable answers fast and don’t mind paying experts for the information, so you can get money from this too.

Anyways, looks pretty attractive in the terms of possible income. I see that questions and answer websites are getting more popular (if you remember, I was writing about making money with, which is a pretty nice expert advice service too) and you should definitely try them out. Thanks for reading, so if you want to know more about earning cash from home and want to get updated about and other websites of this type, subscribe to and get daily updates for free.

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