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Make Money by Shortening and Sharing Links – Nov.Io Review

In this make money online blog I featured several hundred websites, which could be used for earning cash at home. I spent years looking for up-to-date information on free ways to make money over the Internet and now when I have a complete list of online earnings opportunities I share them on this blog for free.

My last posts were mostly dedicated to sites, which pay money for writing content but today I would like to change the niche a bit and write about earning money with link shortening.

Ways to make money with Nov.Io

The number of sites for earning cash from home is growing very fast and link shortening niche is not an exception. Here I have already reviewed several sites, which are similar to Nov.Io and offer similar earning opportunity but let’s find out more about Nov.Io.

Nov.Io - easy way to make money online for free

Nov.Io is a new service, which allows us to shorten our links (very handy tool, especially for social networks and for those who hate long links), share them and get money for doing so.

By using this website you have to main opportunities to make money. These are as they follow:

1) Shorten links for free, share them on public forums, in your blog or on social networks and get money whenever someone visits your link. Everyone, who will click your link will be redirected to a destination page via a transitional page with ads. You will make up to $5 for every 1000 visits.
2) Refer new members to Nov.Io and earn lifetime referral bonuses. You will receive 20% of money earned by all your referrals lifetime.
The process of making cash over the Internet with this site is very simple and straight forward. Depending on your promotional skills and ability to generate a lot of visits to your shortened links you will be able to earn good money.

Also you can always refer your friends and let them do all the work for you. Additionally you can check out other websites, where I make money by sharing links and compare which one converts better.

Right now I am thinking about using Nov.Io for covering my referral links to other sites and do hope that I will be able to find new referrals and make money by sharing Nov.Io links at the same time.

Nov.Io pays money on monthly basis and you need just 5 dollars in order to receive your first payment via PayPal. Please leave your thoughts and ideas about Nov.Io and don’t forget to follow my new posts by subscribing to

Thanks for your time and attention, new posts are coming up so please check back for other exciting make money online news.

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