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Earn by Using Search Engines and Playing Games – Is a Scam?

Best ways to make money by using a computer – lets talk a bit about it, this is one of my favorite Internet discussion topics. Running this get paid to blog is not very easy, I get to investigate various work from home opportunities and websites, which offer work for part time and freelance workers, but I don’t complain, because I look for such opportunities for my personal use and gladly share them with my friends and subscribers.

If you are new to the world of making money for free, you should know about websites, which give money for using search engines (well, it is a pretty old opportunity for earning money on the web, but still, you might know it). Anyways, right now there isn’t that many projects functioning in this niche, so I would really like to find out which websites are still working and paying.

Get paid to search tips and tricks

As for me, one of the most popular get paid to search programs is, so I would much like to answer several questions connected with this website – 1) what does pay for?; 2) is SwagBucks a scam or legit paid to search website. pays money for searching google and yahoo

Personally I have been with this network for several years now and it seems to be working out pretty well for me. During this existence, this freebie website was greatly developed and now I could name it nothing but a great paid social network.

How to make money with SwagBucks?

Right now there are such earning opportunities available:

  • searching the web for ability of winning free cash prizes
  • watch sponsored videos
  • taking surveys and questionnaires from trusted companies
  • reffing friends for special points
  • cash back shopping with special reward capabilities
  • completing offers and trying free products for money
  • daily poll voting gives extra points
  • participating in best photo and video contests
  • playing cell phone and video games

As you can see, SwagBucks offers endless possibilities for winning special swag points, which could be used for buying prize items in Swag store. You can check out all available items even before registering with swaw bucks.

Now lets move on to the second question. I don’t really think that SwagBucks is an Internet based scam, because it has been online for several years and it is almost impossible to have pure reputation. I have to confess that no make money online website can fully satisfy all the members, it is impossible, someone has to complain all the time.

I don’t think that this get paid to search website is a scam, as for me it is a genuine work from home opportunity (but winning a lot of items on Swag Bucks is very hard, we have to remember this). Anyways, I am nohow affiliated with this website and don’t encourage you to join, but I would really like to hear your thoughts about making money with search engines and personal experience comments about SwagBucks.

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to subscribe to and to check out other exciting and extraordinary make money online techniques.


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