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Make Money by Writing Tips and Bookmarking – Paid Micro-blogging Platform Review

Every day I discover new and awesome techniques for earning money online and the best time comes, when I find websites, which help me to try out these techniques and finally make money from home (usually by having fun, which is very cool). If you remember my last post (there I was talking about earning cash by listening to music), you would agree that making monetary funds over the Internet could be a lot of fun, you just have to give it a try, and, of course, avoid all these massive scams, which appear here and there from time to time.

Well, today I would like to tell you about another paid social network, which is a paid micro-blogging platform. So with you can get paid for something you already do (assuming that you are an active user at Speaking of Twitter, I have already been writing about making money with twitter, there has been several posts on this blog, which reveal the whole process and idea, which stands behind placing ads on Twitter for money. The most recent post was dedicated to and some other ideas to make money with advertising on Well, I suggest getting back to the initial review of

When you visit this website, you will see that the layout is pretty nice developed and is actually easy to use and navigate. Here you get the benefits of any other micro blogging website or social networking platform, but as a reward you will receive 75% of the advertising revenue, which is always cool (provided to have a working Google Adsense account and know your publisher id). Personally, I am just on my way of figuring out how to make the most money out of this social networking website. I do like the idea and will sure try them out.

Recieve money for your social activity at

Apart from getting money for ad clicks at, I see that many users are getting additional traffic benefits (many some backlink benefits), but I see one pretty cool thing – all your “tips” could be indexed by major search engines (as far as I have seen, Google picks up the tips and indexes them as a separate page). As for me, this is a killer deal for those, who are looking for such things as – free traffic, social relations build-up and some money for your daily activity (in case if you submit quality tips, get followers – so called credibility rating).

Making money with all possible social and web2.0 projects is usually a lot of fun, because you receive money for something your already do at home, but for free. Just to continue the whole topic of making money with paid social community websites, I would like you to remind or find out more about, which is just another cool site you just have to know about (for more information about earning with RedGage social network, please refer to this post).

They allow you to post about your daily activity, write short articles (updates), bookmark your favorite websites and share all the awesome stuff you can see on the Internet. Well, thanks for reading my blog, which is being updated with all possible make money online and work from home opportunities several times a week. If you want to receive all the news from, subscribe for free by using the form above.


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