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Make Money with Paid Social Bookmarking Service – Review

As I continue with my search for free ways to make money online, I find superb work from home opportunities. Some of them do have high earning potential and thousands of people are making good money with such techniques, but some of them allow us to make money with something we already do.

I do remember to have written about making money for free with social bookmaking websites. Many webmasters still consider bookmarking a great way to spread the word about their site and gain some easy back-links, so do I, but for myself I have decided to connect making money and my blog promotion, so from now on I use paid social bookmarking sites and is one of them.

How to make money with is a social bookmarking website, which allows you to share your favorite bookmarks, check out other member’s bookmarks, comment on them and leave votes. is a bit different from other sites of this type – it is a paid to bookmark website, which is based on Google Adsense revenue sharing model.

The idea of making money for free with KarmaLynx is the following – you can leave your short notes with links alongside placing your Google Adsense ads. As a member of, you will be getting 80% of the money generated by your bookmarks (which is not that bad at all). - free way to make money by bookmarking

In my post on how to make money by writing I mentioned link-building possibilities (which mean a lot to me, when I decide with Google Adsense revenue sharing site to use). does have such a function and all submitted links are dofollow, which means that by submitting your links to this paid to bookmark website you can get some SEO (search engine optimization) benefits.

I have just started using KarmaLynx, so I am only expecting good results from this page, but I have already noticed an interesting tendency – the more accurate I am, when picking the category for posting, the more traffic I tend to be getting. Bookmarks, when added to very popular categories get indexed faster, or don’t get indexed at all (due to mass content flow), this way to will have to wait a bit or add your page with a bookmark to Google’s Add Url.

All in all, is both a powerful tool for promoting your website and making money online. Due to large number of submissions, KarmaLynx website is getting more trusted in the eyes of search engines, this means you can get more ad views and earn some easy Google Adsense money. Thanks for reading and good luck in making money for free with paid social bookmarking.


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