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Make Money On the Internet by Uploading and Selling Photos at

Recently I have been writing about all possible ways of earning money on the Internet and included reviews of many websites, which pay you money for submitting reviews, writing content, using free classified ads websites or even give you rewards for using paid social networks (well, I call a paid social network, even though they don’t offer you money for your daily activity, you can earn prizes there and receive prizes for viewing videos or inviting friends, all these rewards have some cash value, so literary you can benefit a lot from, if you don’t know what Lockerz is or would like to get some news from, just check out this post, which is published something like a week ago).

As you may have already seen, I write a lot about making money by sharing files and sites, which pay cash for document and media (music, video, graphics) downloads, but there hasn’t been much going in the “paid for photos” category, but I will change the situation a bit and will write right now about the website, where any affiliate can upload photos and earn money completely free (only if you have some stock photos and rights for them).

At everyone can become a member of the community and receive money for their photos (you will be paid for every photo sale). Registration is totally free and won’t take long, but you have required to upload some sample work at the beginning. The pre-screening system at is pretty tough, so make sure you are trying to sell only the best quality pictures (it goes without saying that these must possess some art qualities and have creative composition).

If your work is approved, the account will be set up automatically and you will notified by email about further steps to accomplish. If your photos and stock graphics won’t meet the standards, you will receive an email, which explains what should be changed (and hopefully you will be able to reapply).

How to earn money with

Basically, here at you sell not just your photos, but your creativity, which usually costs a lot of money. Speaking of money, every photographer or image uploader gets 30-50% of the money generated by all photo sales. In addition, there is a performance incentive and this means that selected photo works get 15% more of the money made (not mentioning the bonus of $0.20 for every approved exclusive image submission).

All the photo submission requirements could be easily found on their website, but as far as earning money from home by sharing and selling photos concerns me more, I will tell IncomeBooster readers more about the payouts (and the referral program, which could be an additional income opportunity).

So at you don’t actually upload photos and earn money – you upload the graphics, wait for them to be approved, wait for every image purchase and enjoy your image sharing revenue. Minimum payout threshold is currently set at 100USD and DreamsTime supports these payout options – check, MoneyBookers and PayPal.

Unlike with other freelance photoshop job boards, you can earn with DreamsTime even by referring your photographer friends to start earning cash with this fine paid to share website. And if you manage to refer some active users, as a bonus, for 3 years you will be getting 10% of the money your all referrals make.

Well, earning money with photos is fun, but only if digital photography is your hobby or part-time job. But if you have a lot of copyrighted photos (and rights of course) and would like to make some cash of these by sharing them with your friends, I would offer you to upload them to This is a free “pay per download” website, where anyone can host data files for free and receive commission every time such files are being downloaded. If you want to know how to get paid to share photos at LetitBit, don’t hesitate to ask and read my previous posts.

Thanks for reading my blog and I do hope that pretty soon you will start earning money by sharing your photos or just spreading the word about someone’s photo work.


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