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Make Money Answering Questions and Creating Content at is a great project of mine, which has been online for almost three years now. I have started making money from home a long time ago and I really wanted to share my earning experience with you that’s why this website was created in the first place.

For me it was a great journey, because I have discovered a whole lot of awesome make money online and work from home techniques and websites, while I was running this blog. But also, I have got a good deal of experience, public approval and reputation – these factors now help me earning more and more money from home.

Even though I began earning money from home with get paid to and survey websites, I had a lot of luck with freelance writing jobs, they kept me afloat for a long while. But thanks to these, I know how good freelance jobs online could be and how easy it is to earn money with your knowledge online, if you the the proper knowledge, there is nothing to keep you away from making good money from home (even if you are doing freelance writing or programming jobs).

Just to prove that you have everything what it takes to earn money from home, I have posted some articles about making money by answering questions online. The number of such websites is only growing, because good knowledge and information is really worth a lot of money, so if you are an expert at some field of study, you will be able to earn good money from home.

Get paid to write articles and answer questions on

Get paid to answer questions and post articles at

Previously I wrote about several sites, which give users money for answering questions and creating content, but today I want to review, it’s a wiki-like content network, where you can submit your articles, modify current content and get money for this (even for answering user questions).

For every content publication or answered question on you will earn special Mahalo dollars ($M1 – one Mahalo dollar is equal to one US dollar, which is paid to user’s paypal account). Also get special points for your activity on this website, the more points you have, the higher you rank is and the more earning possibilities you have.

Making money from home by answering questions and helping people at is for real, I have checked the list of the most active members and many of them get $200-$700 just for answering questions and writing content at The point is that I have checked the list of members, who have decided to get paid by PayPal, but being a user at, you can also use your Mahalo dollars for buying stuff in their prize shop (and here you can get free electronics, gift cards for answering questions, well, you can also donate some money to the charity organizations, which is also kind of nice).

So what am I driving at? Making money online by creating content is for real and it doesn’t take a lot – just your expert knowledge. If you know how to communicate with people and can produce quality content on the web, try for making money by answering questions.


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