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Receive an Adsense Revenue Share by Being a Wiki Editor at

Global financial crisis has forced millions of people to start working an Internet based work. I am not an exception and several years ago I started to work as a blogger and content writer. From the very first day of my online money making experience I have found out that if you have enough knowledge to produce quality content – you will be able to earn good money from home by writing reviews, articles and how-to guides.

Today I want to write about one wiki website, which is looking for editors and writers, who will generate quality content with a chance of getting 100% revenue from their work (this is basically a google adsense revenue sharing website).

How to earn by contributing to is a wiki based tutorial data base, which is looking for writers, who will contribute to their website. They have a very interesting aim – they want to provide Internet users with quality articles and reviews without being greedy, that is why they offer 100% google adsense revenue sharing to any publisher. - free way to earn money by creating wiki-pages

Right now you can choose one of these topics to write about: arts, business, computers, games, health, home, science and sports. Such a variety of categories makes it possible for any writer to make money by writing content. owners have posted a guide on how to integrate your Google Adsense ads onto this website and start earning money. Please note, is a wiki based website and anyone will be able to edit your content, including your google adsense code, in order to prevent somebody from stealing your work, you will have to email Meshplex owners and ask them to lock your content, this way no one will be able to edit it without your permission.

Making money with is pretty straight forward but the earning potential is pretty high. This website has pretty nice Google PR and it has been around for a while, so I think articles posted at Meshplex will definitely get good rankings in major search engines. This looks like a superb earning opportunity but if you would like to see other options to get paid to write content, please check out this category.

I do like the idea of making money by being a wiki editor and I will surely write some articles for Meshplex in order to test how much it is possible to earn with this site. Thanks for reading, if you want to find out more about earning money by writing articles, please subscribe to my work from home blog.

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