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Make Money Online by Placing In Text Advertising (Adsense Alternative) – Review

So far I have tried a lot of ways to make money online and work from home. Right now the world wide Internet network provides so many opportunities for earning, you will be pretty surprised with such a variety. Right now I have concentrated on testing the “get paid to write” and “earn money by blogging” niche of Internet business – why would I make such a choice – we everything is pretty simple – I like writing and sharing my earning experience, with people, who are just starting up with web money-making or want to earn even more money for doing so.

Just to give you some ideas how to earn money with writing, I posted a bunch of website reviews, which are dedicated to this topic, you can check out all of them in “get paid to write content” category, but let me give you my personal favorite. Usually it is better to create your own projects, which will soon earn you money, but if you need to get some writing experience and make enough money for the start up, I would recommend to write for money at I see that many people are pretty satisfied with working for them and gaining the experience is always tough (if you do it by yourself).

But today I would like to write a post for those, who have decided to earn money by themselves by blogging or creating websites for profit (not just for profit, you can make your projects just for fun and place advertising just for the sake of getting extra money to pay off hosting bills). Most of the time, people start using Google Adsense for earning money with websites. I still use this type of advertising on several blogs of mine and consider it one of the best earning opportunities on the net. But sometimes your websites could be banned by this network, or your niche just doesn’t fit their needs. And this is where bloggers start searching for adsense alternatives.

Make money online with In-text Advertising

So far I have written a review of one ad network, which you can use for your website advertising needs. They use the “inline ads” concept and give you a chance to generate extra income with your blogs and websites. Making money with Kontera is pretty easy, if you have a lot of traffic and targeted traffic, but for low traffic blogs or websites, the revenue will be extremely low.

Today I would like to tell you about the Kontera and Google Adsense alternative and it is called Not that long ago I have started working with them and will share my earnings details later on. Just like with Kontera, here at you can place in-text ads and receive money every time your visitors click them. If you have a website or blog, which is already filled with content and has at least some traffic, you can create an account with and integrate your site with them in just several minutes.

Judging by reviews of Infolinks, many people with high traffic blogs use this in text advertising network for generating extra income with blogs. Ads are pretty easy to spot for all the visitors, so you can expect pretty high CTR, when you work with them. Those, who are using free blogs can integrate Infolinks ads simply by installing their widget, it takes just several minutes and ads appear on blogs in to time. As for the payments, will pay you as soon as you account balance reaches 50$ (for payments to PayPal, Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard) and $400 for those, who prefer BankWire/ ACH as their payout option.

According to my personal experience, such amounts are reachable and it won’t take long before you will be able to request your first cashout. Now thanks for reading and pretty soon I will show you my earnings with Infolinks (I expect to make some money with them fast, so my personal experience review is on its way). Don’t forget to subscribe and receive all the make money online news to your email address for free.


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