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Make Money by Selling Text Links In Blog Posts – Review

Making money online attracts a lot of people, who are spending many hours on the web or have any prominent Internet or programming skills. The whole point of working from home has been developed greatly over the past several years, but mainly there are two large subdivisions here: earning money without a website (for example freelance and data entry jobs) and money making opportunities for bloggers and webmasters, i.e. people, who have their own websites.

In this online business related blog, there is a good deal of posts related to the first subdivision of my structural scheme of ways of earning money from home (e.g. my last post was dedicated to get paid to upload program called DuckLoad, the review of which you can check out here), so today I really want to give you a hint on how to make money with the help of your blogs and websites.


Make money by selling post links is a new marketplace for permanent contextual link sales, in other words, here bloggers can make money by selling permanent links in their blog posts for good money. review and payment proof

In order to start making cash with, you need to own a blog with a page rank higher than PR1, with some traffic and unique content. First of all, I would like to stress upon the fact that you can get money for permanent link sales and users can place sponsored hyperlinks only on post pages. According to my personal experience, you can get up to $4 for a PR0 post link, up to $9 for a link from page with a PR1 and so on. The biggest amount of money I have received for a sponsored link and a quick review was $12 (which is extremely good, because the whole placement thing took just 2 minutes of my time).

Now lets review all possible earning opportunities at GetGoodLinks. Right now there are three ways of making money with with the help of your blog or informational website. The number one option is to write short 2-3 sentence descriptions of the advertiser’s websites and get money for this. The earing option number two will take even less of your time, you are just required to link to the site of the advertiser and get money for it, you can easily just place these links under the heading “related links and posts” (this scheme is pretty similar to making money by link sales at text link ads). And the last way of earning money with is by placing images with link to the advertisers’ websites.

Earning potential at

All these make money online techniques are highly effective and will help you monetize your blog or website in no time, you just need some time, a blog with good PR rate and human readable content. earnings and payments

I went ahead and started using this website not very long ago and I am pretty impressed with it, because I have earned over $40 just for placing several links on my site. Writing an article usually takes me 10-15 minutes and with the help of, I can receive up to $10 for every link I publish in my newly created article – do you see the earning potential?

Well, above you can see my screenshot, I have covered the data, but you can clearly see that I got the money for posting links on my blog post pages. GetGoodLinks also supports various cashout systems and other great tools, which can make your revenue even higher.

Don’t forget to register and start making quick money by selling links online. If you have a blog, you are alloted to a numerous income opportunities on the Internet and Get Good Links is just one of them. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave your questions if you have any.

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