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Make Money Online by Uploading Pictures and Photos – Review

Running this blog is not just about writing about all possible ways of making money from home and generating cash by doing various Internet tasks. Most of the time I get to try the websites I write about personally, talk to people, who have already tried working with this websites and have been paid by them.

Such process takes a lot of time, bit I pretty much like it, because I get to find out which sites pay, which ones are just trying to fool us and which work from home project will help me earning a lot of money from home. Well, on I have featured various ways of earning money on the Internet, some of them are complex, but usually I try to write for make money online newbies. And according to my experience, newbies have a lot of luck doing freelance jobs and tasks. Making money being a freelancer is not that hard at all, you just have to try it and gain some valuable experience.

A lot of people start working from home by completing freelance writing jobs, but as far as I work with lots of people, I have received some questions, which sounded like this – “How to make money selling photographs online?” or “Can we get paid for our photos on the Internet?”. I assume that such people are pretty much into photography (maybe some of them are professional/amateur photographers and just want to make some money with their work).

Okay, so how to make money in photography? It should be pretty simple with one website, which is called It’s a great website, where anyone can buy stock photography, but if you have some cool pictures and photos of yours (remember, in order to start making money selling photos with you must have full rights for the photos and images you will be sharing or they should be made by you).

At there are two ways to earn money from photos – first of all you can sell your own photos. This way of earning is more profitable, because you get to set the price limits and as a registered photographer at DepositPhotos you will be getting 40%-60% of the sale price (it’s pretty good, if you compare to other websites, where users get paid for photos).

Make money with your photos at DepositPhotos

Well, lets go answering the initial question – “how to make money with photos?”. I want to mention the other way of earning money, it is called “Photographer Promotion Program” and here you can make money in three simple steps:

  1. Register yourself an account on and pass a quick examination test
  2. The next step will be to activate your “Photographer Promotion Program” account option
  3. And start making money with your images. With you get $0.2 for every image you upload (provided it has been approved and you have the rights for it)

So making money on stock photos is not that hard as one might think. If you like photography and would like to make some money on the Internet, DepositPhotos is a pretty nice website to check out. In addition, if you have a website about photography or would like to make money by referring new photographers or stock image buyers, you should definitely consider signing up with DepositPhotos’ referral (affiliate) program.

I do hope that you liked my posting about sharing photos online for money. According to what I have read on various forums and social communities, anyone can make money with photos, you just need some skills of taking photos and some free time of yours.

So, I guess that I have answered the main question of this post, it was “how to make money with photography?” and now I would like to thank you for reading my post and if you enjoyed the information published on, feel free to subscribe and leave your comments.

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