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A lot of people still think that making money on the Internet is all about investments or only selected people have the ability to extract monetary benefits with the help of world wide web. Well, with the help of this make money on-line blog I am trying to prove that anyone can generate profits on-line for free with no investments.

I am pretty sure that you can begin working from home with the help of the Internet, if you have basic Internet knowledge and some content writing skills (by saying this I am trying to set you up for my post on how to earn money by writing articles and other content or doing various freelance jobs).

Well, creating content on the Internet is not just fun, but also profitable. You can’t even imagine how much traffic good, well written content can generate and nowadays, traffic is almost equal to money, because website owners can place sponsored ads on their websites or accept friendly user donation (no matter what, website owners get to earn money from home for free).

But making money by writing doesn’t require any experience or a website if you choose to work with It is a free way to make money from your content. is a huge blog network, where every member can post articles and thoughts and as the result make 80% of the cash generated by these user-created pages.

Earn with adsense revenue sharing

Senserely is based on Google Adsense revenue sharing model, so you will need an account to start working with this website. By posting articles to you will be getting special points (this points are actual credits, which will be used on Senserely).

Every point is equal to site-wide adsense ad impressions – the more impressions the users have, the more cash they make. I did write some other posts on how to make money with adsense revenue sharing sites, so you can check out these posts on this page too. - earn cash by writing with Google Adsense

Credits are used for site-wide ad placement, apart from that, as a member of Senserely Google Adsense revenue sharing community, you will receive 80% of the impressions on the pages, where your content is published (so you have even more changes to generate the money).

Apart from all these factors, will also award the members for inviting new bloggers and content creators (extra 10% of ad impressions). According to website, the average member earnings are equal to $115.53, which sounds pretty insane.

Anyways, if you really want to generate some extra income at home for free then Senserely can be a pretty nice choice for you. Here, on I have included many free ways of generating cash with the help of the Internet and I would much recommend reading more about paid to upload sites, which possess a pretty awesome earning concept too. Thanks for reading and if you would like to know more about other work from home techniques, check out my newer posts or subscribe to, it is totally free.

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