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Make Money Online Rating Music – Review

Get paid to listen to music? What? – That’s how people reacted to my recent posts. Yeah, this is possible. Most of the radio stations are ready to play you to take music related surveys and give you some company merchandise. I’ve told you about related websites already – & These ones offer surveys, which are related to some genre. But this time, I want to tell you about another website, which is looking for music researches – it’s called

So, how does Radio Music Survey dot com works?

You can get a chance of winning cool prizes in five fast steps:

  1. Join the music panel. It takes only several minutes.
  2. Take short start up music survey
  3. Your results are gathered and sent to international music stations
  4. Random prizes are given away between survey takers
  5. More surveys will be sent to your email.

Your participation will help radio stations play better music! Finally your vote will be heard! If you like the music, then it’s got to be a lot of fun for you! All you have to do is listen to songs  and rate songs on your computer. Your vote does count, just tell how you feel about the music you hear on the radio and Radio Music Survey will pass your vote to the music stations! Another good thing is that you get a chance of winning something every day. The grand prize is brand new Ipod. There is nothing to loose – it costs nothing to join!

Money Clip shuffle

I have just looked at the front page of this website, and here is the table of recent winners:

02/03/2009 – Breana M. from Rio Rancho, NM won an Apple iPod Shuffle!
01/07/2009 – Melodie A. from Crane, MO won an Apple iPod Shuffle!
12/01/2008 – Jeremy M. from Conway, AR won an Apple iPod Shuffle!
10/31/2008 – April C. from Tulsa, OK won an Apple iPod Shuffle!
09/30/2008 – Michianna M. from Roosevelt , UT won an Apple iPod Shuffle!
08/25/2008 – Kathy S. from South Plainfield, NJ won an Apple iPod Shuffle!
07/28/2008 – Wendy B. from Simsbury, CT won an Apple iPod Shuffle!
07/02/2008 – Eydie H. from Tucson, AZ won an Apple iPod Shuffle!
05/27/2008 – Julie M. from Florissant, MO won an Apple iPod Shuffle!
04/28/2008 – Angelica E. from Plainfield, IL won an Apple iPod Shuffle!
04/07/2008 – Natalie I. from Orlando, FL won an Apple iPod Shuffle!
02/25/2008 – Christine J. from Crownsville, MD won an Apple iPod Shuffle!

As you see, making money online isn’t always connected with boring coding and content writing. It can be a lot of fun, especially if you like to listen and rate music. These companies are looking for new people every day, so you may get your one of a kind chance.


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